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Flowers in the House

rosesIf you needed to decorate your house for just two days with some kind of flower theme, how would you do it? If you wanted to involve your children in the project, how could you make it fun?

Here’s some quick ideas:

  • Buy some beautiful (but expensive) flowers at the florist.
  • Go to the supermarket and buy some OK flowers.
  • Do tissue paper flowers (do you use pipe cleaners and twist around the middle and trim the tissue paper?).
  • Draw pictures of flowers and plants and hang those up.
  • Go pillaging through your garden and find something or another that might possibly last for two days.

Ideas welcome.

The holiday of Shavuot is coming, and it is customary to decorate one’s house with flowers. The origin of the custom may be a tradition of vegetation sprouting up around the mountain of Sinai when the Torah was given, or it may be connected to the agricultural roots of this holiday, which is also called Hag HaKatzir, the holiday of the harvest. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I am sure you can come up with at least one idea of how we could floralize our house.

Ilana-Davita says

I'd opt for the last solution. We have lots of flowers in the garden at the moment, so much so that there are some we can't even see. So I'd definitely pick up some flowers (mainly roses) and arrange them in a vase (or several vases).

Leora says

Hopefully, some of my roses might look nice in our dining room. All my roses are pink, though. Lots of pink.

Lion of Zion says

to actually buy flowers? what a waste of $ (don't kill me).
if i really needed to, i would buy a fake bouquet. it lasts much longer. (i bought a really nice arrangement last years at michael's that was 50% off)

Leora says

Hi, Lion of Zion! Aren't you supposed to be studying?

I think my daughter and I might try doing some papercuts on Sunday. Maybe some of them will look sort of floral.


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