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Bulldozer Attack in Jerusalem

Another one. I read it first on Muqata. Now it’s on the Jerusalem Post.

Robin says

So much evil in the world. So many monsters.

My thoughts go out to those injured today.

Ralph says

I hate that. To me, any notions of 'land for peace' is doomed because only one side is honest about peace. IMO, anyway. (not to politicize things, I have strong feelings for Israel, but hope for peace!)

Leora says

Robin, thanks for commenting. It's so close to you.
Ralph, yeah, I try not get to political on my blog, politics often separates people, but Israelis have a real enemy. One that is ruthless. I don't see peace happening, just more need for security. And that's sad.

Ilana-Davita says

It's about the only piece of news I have heard in three days. I wish I had heard about brighter items.


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