Flower, a terrorist attack, a hint

Flower of Israel
A photo of a flower I took at Latrun, site of an important 1948 battle and now home to a memorial museum and many tanks on display. Many Israeli flowers are different than the ones here in New Jersey. Maybe some day I will learn the names. (update: bougainvillea or paper flower, I think)

While we were in Jerusalem this week, there was a terrorist attack on Jaffa Road. We only found out because an Israeli-American friend called to find out if we were OK (we were having a great time). To find out more, you can read these Israeli bloggers. I know as much as anyone who watched the news! Life went on as usual for us, for Jerusalem Israelis, and for the abundant number of tourists in the city. There were so, so many tourist groups of teenagers (Birthright, USY, NCSY) and young visitors. Older visitors, too. What a pleasure to see! I’ll be happy to be the one to report the good news.

Finally, I added a hint to my mystery photo post.

12 thoughts on “Flower, a terrorist attack, a hint

  • Beautiful photo.
    Here we heard about the terroroist attack just after it had happened and then got more news from the JBlogosphere. Then later on it was on the news on tv too.

  • Baila, you mean Happy Birthday to America? It’s also Rosh Chodesh today, so Happy Tammuz, even thought Tammuz isn’t typically considered a happy month. Better than Av, the next one.

    Ilana-Davita, while the attack was happening, our tour guide in Ir David, the City of David, was talking about how you hear all the bad stuff in the news, but there is so much good stuff going on. Ir David was the best tour of our trip. I need to do a post about it, at some point.

  • when i was at latrun a few years ago they were still constructing the new museum. is it ready?

    ir david (assuming you are not confusing it with migdal david, as many do), was the best tour i ever did. i had this unbelievable tour guide who was an expert in the masorah as well as in the academic aspects (e.g., archaeology, etc.). he walked us through with an open tanach in his hand and brought the stories alive for us using the most recent discoveries. unfortunately it was erev shabbat and i didn’t have time to go through the springs at the end. my wife had to go back to america early and i did this alone (i stayed extra for work). i was sorry she didn’t come

    שבת שלום, חודש טוב, חג החרות שמח

  • Yes, we went to the museum at Latrun.

    We went to both Migdal David and Ir David. Ir David is absolutely fascinating. I’m planning a post on it. I need to read the brochure first and take my photos off my camera. Do you remember your tour guide’s name? Ours was Oren. These tour guides are extremely bright young people. We sat next to a young woman completing an application to be a guide there while we awaited our tour. And we met someone who had a friend who works there. Ir David makes everything in what we call the “Old City” look new.

  • Therapydoc, we were wondering if it were really more like the Seattle attack or even the Virigina Tech guy, where he has animosity against the Jews (Seattle) but was acting alone, more like a mentally-disturbed person with social animosity, someone whose anger-management skills were fairly low, and he just went ballistic. In comparison, the Yeshiva attack seemed targeted at youth from Religious Zionist families, many of whom live in Yesha (Judea and Samaria).

  • Baila, our kids and our friends kids enjoyed climbing on the tanks. The exhibit itself, inside, is very “adult”. My daughter immediately found the video boring, so I missed most of it. I enjoyed the artwork, but I think the kids just enjoyed running around.

    I’m still on your time. I fell asleep at about 3 pm today (10 pm Israel time), and now I’m awake. Sigh.

  • maybe his name was avi?
    he was a phd student in jewish mysticism at hebrew u.
    i remember that he had a poneytail, earring and kippah.

    “Ir David makes everything in what we call the “Old City” look new.”

    yeah, i never realized until then that ir david is the real “old city”

  • Rosie, it’s only late in the ridiculous world of the blogosphere, where comments in the evening on a morning post are late! Your comments are welcome any time. Especially since I have more of these flowered photos, and I expect I will continue to post some from my trip for a time to come.

    Meanwhile, the rudbeckia are all over my yard, as we got lots of rain here in New Jersey, and the flowers are having a grand ole time, even without my pulling out the weeds growing about them.

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