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Kosher Cooking Carnival

Kosher Cooking Carnival #32: the the look but you better not eat edition is up over at Soccer Dad’s (It was a fast day yesterday, but now that’s over, so eat, kinderlach, eat).

I will be hosting in August, so please post recipes, thoughts on food, restaurant reviews, anything food-related as long as it’s kosher.
 For more details, read Batya’s post, who coordinates the Kosher Cooking Carnival.

I posted the answer to the Cookie Contest in the comments to that post.

And because I love showing off photos, here’s more Kfar Blum breakfast, the kibbutz hotel we stayed out in the north of Israel. For the salad lovers, we had:
kfar blum salad
And for the all-American kids like my son (and their mothers who had to taste and decided these were the best pancakes she had ever eaten):
kfar blum pancakes

Ilana-Davita says

I'll put up some recipes for the High Holidays in a few weeks and will send you the links then. I'll also try to think of something to write about eating kosher in a treif environment.

Leora says

Sounds good! Thanks.


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