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Little Girl, My Version

Instead of posting this little girl in the original photo, I changed the photo using Photoshop. I used the filter called “cutout” on most of it, but not on the face and arm. The cutout filter took out too much detail there, so I used the “colored pencil” filter for the face and arm. Did it work? Maybe. I wanted to take away some of the likeness. I have some other photos with faces that I may want to post, and this Photoshopping may help me feel like someone is less likely to recognize the person.

Gail says

The picture is charming. I am not sure that she would be unrecognizable to those who know her. Given that it's just a profile, maybe yes, but it is hard to say.

Leora says

Thanks for looking, Gail. My guess is the family will know it's her, especially since I sent them the original photo. But when I tried to do anything more with the face, she stopped looking so cute.

In about a year or two she won't look like this, anyway. They grow, you know?

therapydoc says

You wouldn't want to change that face. I love the picture and what you've done to it.

Ilana-Davita says

It is a nice photo and a nice way of working "on it" too. I suppose those who know her would recognize her though.

me and my camera says

This is lovely. You have captured the essence of joyful movement without the intimacy of details. Your technique creates a soft flow. I shall have to experiment a bit some time; thanks for the ideas.

Leora says

Thanks, Ann. I have another one that I'd like to try this on. I appreciate the encouragement.

therapydoc and ID, yes, she is a cutie!


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