Little Girl, My Version

Instead of posting this little girl in the original photo, I changed the photo using Photoshop. I used the filter called “cutout” on most of it, but not on the face and arm. The cutout filter took out too much detail there, so I used the “colored pencil” filter for the face and arm. Did it work? Maybe. I wanted to take away some of the likeness. I have some other photos with faces that I may want to post, and this Photoshopping may help me feel like someone is less likely to recognize the person.

6 thoughts on “Little Girl, My Version

  • The picture is charming. I am not sure that she would be unrecognizable to those who know her. Given that it’s just a profile, maybe yes, but it is hard to say.

  • Thanks for looking, Gail. My guess is the family will know it’s her, especially since I sent them the original photo. But when I tried to do anything more with the face, she stopped looking so cute.

    In about a year or two she won’t look like this, anyway. They grow, you know?

  • This is lovely. You have captured the essence of joyful movement without the intimacy of details. Your technique creates a soft flow. I shall have to experiment a bit some time; thanks for the ideas.

  • Thanks, Ann. I have another one that I’d like to try this on. I appreciate the encouragement.

    therapydoc and ID, yes, she is a cutie!

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