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Project Black Goes Abstract

black candles

What’s Project Black? Visit Anna Carson’s photo blog .

Michelle says

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love yours. My mother-in-law made her first trip to Israel last year at the age of 82. It was about time...

Anna says

As long as you take a pic and load it....consider it PB! :) Glad you are participating and I love your profile pic and what you said about it!

Raven says


Ilana-Davita says

Nice one.

Leora says

Michelle, hope you'll come back! I originally started writing about Highland Park, but since I was in Israel early this summer, I am *still* writing about Israel...

Anna, thanks for letting me know. I got some more Photoshoppy -like artsy Project Black ideas in my head. We'll see if I have anytime to put them up. And THANK YOU FOR DOING PROJECT BLACK.

Raven and Ilana-Davita, thank you.

JC says

Good work! I do believe one of the joys of photography is being able to manipulate or create the circumstances for whatever you need.

Janet says

Oh, I love this shot!!!

juliana says

that's a lovely creative approach!

Robin says

Very clever, I like it. I especially like the way you've surprised us by putting the yellow as the horizon line instead of the flame.


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