Project Black Visits Jerusalem

Jerusalem scene
Taken from a bus in Jerusalem, last week. Click for larger image.

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23 thoughts on “Project Black Visits Jerusalem

  • Oui, les françaises achèteront les apartments en Jerusalem, n’est pas? Because the Israelis, on their small salaries, taxed at 50%, they can’t afford Jerusalem anymore.

    Pardon my French. I suppose French is considered the fancy language, and I suppose the developer expects this will be a fancy complex? The text is also in English and Hebrew, too.

  • Paul, glad you like the composition! If I had a week of free time, I might spend more time riding around Jerusalem on a bus taking photos. Feel free to write the story for this photo.

    There was a similar photo on the web that I saw before going Jerusalem. Then there was the same scene on my bus ride! I feel lucky I got this shot. There’s a much funnier “from the bus” photo that I got, but it might be embarrassing to the person who is the subject, so I have mixed feelings about posting it.

  • Great shot. I’m guessing they didn’t put peepholes in the fence for this one and she just couldn’t wait to get a glimpse.

    Ilana-Davita, I’m guessing the word is “culture”.

  • That woman is part of the wall isn’t she? I had to study it closer to figure that out. She looks so real!

    I think Project Black is very cool idea. A loooong time ago someone’s flickr acct or blog or something inspired me to have a color theme photography session once I had a camera. I have a camera but haven’t done any color themes, except for a few orange ones. 🙂

  • >That woman is part of the wall isn’t she?
    Yes. I didn’t want to say that explicitly, but let people play with the photo’s subject.

    I wish I could find the previous internet photo with this lady and that wall. I really thought she was real, when I saw that photo.

  • Cool shot. What a clever advertising gimmick to have the woman climbing over. She does look real. Discover a life and a ??? Great shot.

  • That’s a very intriguing construction sign! I’m assuming that’s not a real woman, just a mock up for effect…and I was surprised to see a sign in French in Jerusalem. I saw your note that it’s also in English and Hebrew.

    This is a great shot; it has a lot to look at and ponder!

  • Well… there’s plenty to comment on … but I guess my biggest wonder is… was the woman GOING over the fence? Or COMING over the fence? And… why? Hmmmm….

  • Melli, do you think she wants to live in this new apartment complex? (she’s part of the scenery, put up by the marketing folks)

    Janet, more of this? or more of Jerusalem? I got more. And when I finish posting those, I’ll have to work to save money to afford to go visit again!

  • That is a most interesting picture and what a stroke of luck you had your camera with you and ready to take the photo. Ahhh…I was just getting ready to post this when I saw you were a tourist there. That sort of explains having the camera with you 🙂

  • AmberStar, yeah, when you’re a tourist with a digital camera you snap away at all sorts of things, many of which will not show up on my blog. But this one worked! I think I took almost 1000 pics.

  • You took all this from a moving bus? Kol hakavod. I love the man walking down the street reading his prayers. Only in Jerusalem?

  • Yes, Dina, I hit it lucky on this one. Photographing someone saying prayers is an easy one in Jerusalem, as you know. I have one of a girl with a siddur in the Old City that I want to post but I need to Photoshop out details, as she is a real person somewhere.

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