Purpose of a big brother

What big brothers are for




Ah, siblings. Sometimes they get along. Sometimes they squabble. Sometimes one helps the other out, like my Eldest Son did as he carried my daughter through the Old City of Jerusalem on our way to visit the Kotel. I really appreciated his offer to carry her.

Anyone got a good sibling tale to relate?




8 thoughts on “Purpose of a big brother

  • My sister’s birthday is tomorrow..Good tales? We fought and played and share a common history which I think is the most valuable thing that you have as adults with siblings..Michelle..

  • oh that’s beautiful.

    today i told my oldest son that his baby sister thinks he is her favorite person in the whole world (true, except when her abba is in the room) and he said he thinks she is his favorite person in the whole world too! (i said, what about me, am i chopped liver? and he said: “yep!”)

    at least he likes his sister!

  • My younger two are 17 months apart. They sometimes fight viciously, telling each other things like “I’ll never play with you again” or “Don’t ever come into my room” and even he occasional “I HATE YOU!!!!” (which they say when they think I’m not around, because it’s forbidden). But they are also best friends, and sometimes when I do my nocturnal wanderings, I’ll find them cuddled together in one bed, and my heart melts.

  • Aw, how sweet! Love it when you can witness moments like these. I have so many wonderful sibling memories – I love my siblings more than they’ll ever know.

  • Love these little stories. I was probably more like Baila’s kids…my brother and I fought like cats and dogs when we were little (21 months apart).

  • I fought a lot with the brother who was 25 months younger but not as much with the other two. Especially with the brother who was 10 years younger; no common territory to fight over.

  • The spacing seems to make a big difference. My daughter fights with her older brothers, but they often just grin back at her. Sometimes my middle son fights back a bit, but I usually then just tell him to ignore her. She fights with one of her friends like she’s a sister. Both are the baby princesses in their families.

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