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Sky and Sea from Rosh Hanikra

rosh hanikra
In the northwestern tip of Israel right at the border to Lebanon are some tall cliffs called Rosh Hanikra. We visited there early this summer. The photo is looking south from the cliffs at the Mediterranean sea. I hope to write more soon about Rosh Hanikra and about a ghost story associated with these beautiful high cliffs.

Ilana-Davita says

Very enticing. Did you swim there?
It is getting really hot here. Wish I could have a dip myself.

Leora says

No, we didn't go swimming there. There probably are beaches a little south of Rosh Hanikra. Plenty of beach at Nahariya, the town where we went a little later for lunch. Probably too dangerous to swim at the cliffs themselves.

Tom says

Thank you for such a delightful sea and Sky View.. how I'd like to stand there a while and just listen to the waves.

Sorry for this copy and paste comment but I need to check all the links work , I also wanted you to know I've been here and seen your post... thank you for joining in with us this week I hope you enjoy the fun of it all. I will try to get back over the next day or two and see how your Sky Watch went on

Tom :O)

Pat says

Very lovely Sky Watch, and a beautiful sea!

SandyCarlson says

This is a marvelous view. The light on the water makes me eager to visit the beach again.

Rachel says

This is just beautiful.
Thank you for my comment! (:
I love this photo, the contrast and coloring is great!

sytem operator says

Great to see you again, had to check out how mr. crab was doing;) I'm waiting to hear more about the ghost story... And very nice hot looking view in your photo.

Michelle says

This is lovely...thank you...

hihorosie says

Looks so beautiful. You could just sit and stare at for a long time. sigh...

Sherry says

What a beautiful view!

Fish Whisperer says

Lovely view, and very fishy looking water.

wren says

That's beautiful! I haven't been there but I remember how excited I was to see the Mediterranean Sea near Tel Aviv.

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) says

That's beautiful!

The Texican says

Thanks for coming by Pappy's today. Nice SWF entry. Pappy

Leora says

Thank you all, and yes to Fish Whisperer, there were fishermen there, so it was fishy!

mharia says

lovely shot! there's a ghost story associated with the cliffs? ooohhh ... :)

thanks for the visit!

frozen moments says

The shot is beautiful, but i would love to hear the ghost story too. :)

JennWasHere says

How I wish I can just jump and play in the water! This is so great!

Hope you can hop by my SWF post HERE. Happy weekends!

AnonyBird says

A ghost story would be most apt for cliffs! Lovely photograph :)

Robin says

I love Rosh Hanikra. When we were there this spring a group of kayakers came right into the grotto!

Gemma says

This is beautiful! And a ghost story attached must make those cliffs even more magical!

Leora says

@frozen moments and anyone who wants to hear the ghost story...I hope you'll come back! I'll write it up on Sunday morning.

Thanks to all. So nice to have visitors from around the planet.

quilly says

I live on the ocean, but I never tire of the views. This is a lovely expanse.

People with Cameras says

Beautiful. Looks so peaceful.

Raven says

What a lovely view. I love the ocean. I'm curious about the ghost story.

torsdag says

Hallo Leora,
wunderful sky and the cliffs from Israel.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the Rudbeckia-comment.

Kathiespoettree says

The rippled water adds a textured contrast to the flat blue sky. Thanks for commenting on my blog! This is a nice Skywatch post. Now I'll go read the ghost story!


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