Tel Dan and a bus

Leora at Tel Dan
Above is a photo taken by Middle Son of me enjoying the cool wading pool at Tel Dan. This was supposed to be a post called: “Easy Hikes in Tel Dan.” Tel Dan offers both natural wonders and archaeological finds. However, due to the fire last week in the Tel Dan Nature Reserves, I bring you this conversation between two of my children (it’s not their exact words, but the dialogue as I remember it):

Middle Son: Why would anyone do something like that?
Eldest Son: Why would anyone blow up a bus or a cafe?
Middle Son: But they could enjoy the nature.
Eldest Son: They could enjoy the bus, too.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the nature reserves will re-open this week; however, as one-third of the forest was destroyed, it will take many years for those parts to grow back.

14 thoughts on “Tel Dan and a bus

  • What Batya said. That, and talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face…

    On a happier note, it’s really nice to see a picture of you and have a lovely face to go with your lovely blog.

  • Interesting conversation between your sons. Batya summed it up best.

    I also agree with Robin. It’s great to see your lovely face. And the water behind you looks so cool and relaxing.

  • Oh and you had wondered what I had eaten at the wedding so I’m admitting this to you…well, fortunately they did have plenty of raw fruits and veggies (I packed my bag with raw goodies just in case :)) but I also snuck some chicken on a stick (fun food – ha ha!). It was parmesan chicken breast baked and then I had some pasta salad which I think had some meat in it so I tried picking around that. I love pasta salads but could do w/o the meat IMO. And let’s see what else, oh I had one meatball and one roll. See? So not raw and certainly not vegan. But I did try to make up for it with some fresh watermelon, grapes, carrots, zucchini and other things. 🙂 Forgiven?

  • Rosie, glad to know you’re human. Maybe your body was craving a bit of that animal protein. It was certainly craving a bit of a perk-me-up! (as I eat my raw almonds)

    Thanks for enjoying my pic, Rosie and Robin.

  • Jientje, thanks for reading.
    Baila, looking forward to a report. Are you sleeping overnight in the North? Will you have any internet access? Have a great time.

  • Leora, thanks for reminding me about Mr. Linky on Ruby Tuesday. I’m looking forward to your post. And I love that picture of you cooling yourself – lucky you! And the insightful conversation between your sons… 🙂

  • Leora, it’s good to see you! Tel Dan is an amazing place; I was blessed to be able to see it when I visited Israel in 1995. We went for a little “hike” among all those huge fig trees and past a pool or two. It was amazing.

  • Mary and Sara, glad you liked seeing me. Sara, hope you enjoy “re-visiting” Tel Dan. I got more pics of me and more of Tel Dan…

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