The Blog Challenge

Ilana-Davita got picked as one of Swedish Chekchouka’s seven blogs, so Ilana-Davita picked me as one of her favorite blogs.

As Ilana-Davita pointed out, by picking out seven, you are eliminating others. I decided the first person on my list would be the first person disappointed by her list, and here she is (drum roll, please):

green square green square green square

Batya at Me-Ander: Batya was the blogger who introduced me to blog carnivals. Many months ago, she left a comment on one of my cooking posts; I felt like she introduced me to the JBlogosphere. Yay, Batya!

And now for my second pick:
Daniel who’s Struggling with God: He writes nicely and a very human way. Yes, he is often struggling. Sometimes someone else can voice what others just feel.

Gail at Rubicon3: Gail writes insightfully about politics, warmly about her family, and I love when she puts up a drawing. She’s also a great photographer. Yesterday she helped me with Twitter. I still am not quite sure what Twitter is all about, but if you want to follow me, I’m leoraw.

A Mother in Israel: She’s one of the only bloggers I’ve met in person. There’s always an interesting discussion on her blog. And I’m rather partial to the lovely header she has up there (I designed it for her).

Frumhouse: Always something interesting to say, an interesting angle. Sometimes a lovely poem to warm your day.

Jack: He helps keep the Jblogosphere going with Haveil Havalim, and he’s funny. More the second one. I mean, the first one is a lot more work. But the second one is why it’s always worth a peek to see what he’s noting today.

Lion of Zion: He teaches me about Brooklyn, what’s up in Camp Moshava these days (I went there for four years in the 1970s), gives me a peek into the male world of leining. Unpredictable, what his next post topic will be.

Eight (who said I can count):
Robin, who introduced me to all these wonderful photo bloggers and Mr. Linky fun

green square green square green square

Who I didn’t pick:
TherapyDoc is already on Ilana-Davita’s list.
SuperRaizy is already on Ilana-Davita’s list.
Baila is on Swedish Chekchouka’s list.
ImaBima is already on Ilana-Davita’s list.
HiHoRosie just got a similar award from her set of bloggers.

And I’m often finding new ones. I also really like A Simple Jew. Is that cheating?

So, feel free to take up the challenge of seven favorite bloggers. It’s not easy.

22 thoughts on “The Blog Challenge

  • That’s so sweet Leora, thank you. I’m delighted you’re participating in the photo challenges too, I love seeing what you come up with. You’ve got a real artist’s eye.

  • Robin, I really related to one of your posts about an eclectic blog. At first, I had you with my mommy blogs. Then you had all these great photos, and my favorite post of yours was on white balance camera techniques. You also write so quickly and easily for the writing challenges.

    Frumhouse, my pleasure. I like the idea of introducing blogger friends.

  • I’m glad you mentioned Batya.
    I have never tried Twitter but I have seen it mentioned on a number of blogs recently. I had downloded a widget for it though.

  • I’m honored to be on your “who I didn’t pick” list (No, seriously! Does that sound facetious? I mean it sincerely!) I enjoy your blog as well, particularly your artwork. I’m still waiting to find out if you’re putting any of your paintings up for sale!

  • Raizy, thanks for the understanding! I’ve been doing gardening and playing with photos right now. I’ve thought about selling cards with my designs on Cafe Press, but I haven’t done it yet. Not sure why.

    Maybe next week I’ll take out the paints one day…

  • I’m with Raizy. There are so many great blogs out there, it is really hard to narrow it down to seven. I read different blogs for different reasons, and [duh] if I didn’t enjoy them, I wouldn’t read them. I swung on over to
    Swedish Chekchouka and was so pleased at her compliment, that I read through her whole blog (glad she only started it last year!)…I don’t think she has ever commented on my blog. It’s a nice feeling to know there are people out there enjoying my writing whom I don’t even know about.

    And thank you!!

  • Cool, Baila! I would have squeezed you unto the list if you hadn’t been on the other one. Isn’t that neat that you helped her with her aliyah? She just arrived, maybe you can even meet her. Hope you try the blog challenge.

  • I agree it is hard to narrow the list to 7. Even 10 would’ve been hard. I’d nominate everyone on my blogroll if I could, I mean it is why they’re on my blogroll to begin with! 🙂

  • Yeah, Rosie, there was something about this whole challenge that made me a little uncomfortable. As it is, I thought of one or two others I could have mentioned. But on the other hand, I love the idea of paying people compliments, especially those who have helped me out.

  • This reminds me a of a post I wrote asking people how many blogs they read. The answers varied from something like five to around a 100.

    It is a hard decision to make,which blogs to highlight. I go through periods of time in which I really enjoy some blogs and then lose interest for a while.

    Sometimes that interest comes back and sometimes it just fades.

    But any time I find a blog that I enjoy I make a point of checking out their blogroll.

  • thanks for the mention! what a great list. i honestly don’t know if i could pick my favorite 7! but maybe i’ll try…i’ve been out of touch the last week or so but hopefully i’ll be back at the blogging thing once the pta summer mailer gets off my desk!

  • Wow! Thanks!!
    To be #1, but too busy in the kitchen to deal with it.
    Bli neder, b’ezrat Hashem, after Shabbat.

    Shabbat Shalom!!

  • Benji, thanks for leaving a note! I have visited your site; in particular, I remember identifying with digestion problems after eating too much cheesecake and other dairy on Shavuot.

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