Topics I’d Like to Cover

I have more ideas for posts than time. Here are some I’d like to present:

And I have a Pirkei Avot post that I promise, at least to Ilana-Davita, bli neder (without making the promise have to stand up in a Jewish court, or something like that), that I will get online this week. About how even if you’re an old fogey-stogey like we are becoming, you can still learn Torah. But it’s much easier to get started when you’re young.
Posted: Learn as a Child

Meanwhile, visit Therapydoc’s post about the Shidduchim Crisis (matchmaking crisis in the Jewish community).

10 thoughts on “Topics I’d Like to Cover

  • The foodie in me is eager to read about brown rice, chicken soup (something I have yet to try making) and breakfast in Kfar Ruth. Although I admit that they all look promising.

  • Ilana-Davita, thanks for the encouragement. The brown rice one is top priority, as Kosher Cooking Carnival is coming up, and I have yet to write a July submissions. Posts written in one’s head don’t count.

  • A friend gave me a recipe for a banana cake. Apparently she has a great cake base that can be used for different fruit. I’m going to try it, take some photos and submit it for KCC (I am not sure whether I have already submitted one or not).
    Talking about brown rice, have you ever tried brown basmati rice? The local health food store has some but I have never tried it.

  • Basmati brown rice: I think I’ve tried it. We might have some version at our health food store, but I’ve never looked. I usually prepare long-grain brown rice.

    Looking forward to a banana bread recipe. Those get eaten around here!

  • Everything sounds very interesting except for a couple because I don’t know what they are. But don’t worry I’ll come back and find out, how’s that? I read a blog written by SnoopytheGoon and it’s called “Simply Jews.” He’s in Israel. It’s somewhat irreverent so see what you think… 🙂

  • Mary, I’m so glad you’ll come back because I’m busy working now, but I seem to get bursts of time that I can write up these blog posts.

    I think I’ve seen SnoopytheGoon before (maybe he did Haveil Havalim?). But I’ll put it on my list of things to do when I’m browsing the blogs. One of my favorite pastimes these days.

    In general, feel free to say, huh, what does that mean?

  • I vote for hikes in Tel Dan first, because we are leaving for the North next week.

    The other topics also sound great. I am always writing posts in my head–if only I could figure out a way for it to get published on blogger!

    (Breakfast in Kfar “Root”)–I KNOW

  • Baila, you mean for Kfar Rooot? Yes, I took a bunch, including one of my son saying “You’re taking pictures of that???” or “More pictures?” or something to that effect.

  • And I just opened up the Jerusalem Post to see that someone committed arson at Tel Dan and destroyed half of the reserve! It has been temporarily closed, but they hope to open it again within a couple of days.

    What a shame…

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