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Tsefat Photos

We visited Tsefat (alternative spellings: Safed, Safad, Tsfat, Tzfat, Tzefat) about two weeks ago. It is my favorite city in Israel: spiritual, up in the clouds (it’s on a hill), artistic, architecturally interesting, walkable, colorful. Lecha Dodi, the lovely prayer welcoming the Sabbath queen that we sing every Friday night, was composed by Rabbi Shlomo Halevy Alkabetz in the 16th century in Tsefat.

sign in Tsefat
Here’s a welcoming sign to the old section on the busy main street at the top of the city’s hill.


path between buildings in Tsefat

Ari Synagogue (Ashkenazi)

Abuhav Synagogue
Abuhav Synagogue on the right: lots of blue here. Blue is a recurring theme in Tsefat.

Tsefat skyline

corner in Tsefat

flowers in Tsefat

tsefat iron fence with flowers behing

another flower in Tsefat

path behind

new house in Tsefatstreet in Tsefat

My husband and middle son went for a dip in the mikvah of the Ari.

Stay tuned for a post about the simple, delicious, kosher, healthy food that we ate in a little square in Tsefat. Unfortunately, Eldest son, same son who does not like garlic, didn’t care for Tsefat because he found it smelly.

Lion of Zion says

we were in tzefat about 6 years ago. i was completely empty of tourists and the artist quarter was closed because of the violence. very sad. what i remember most is that i forgot where i parked my car. i only remembered that it was against the old city wall, and we had to walk all the way around to find it. we also went to this great art museum (phillip ratner), but i think they moved it to beer sheva.

my guide book said that the local bet din forbids women to go in the ari's mikvah, but they sometimes sneak in at night.

baila says

I haven't been there since my year in Israel. Your pictures are beautiful--I must go!

Ilana-Davita says

Great photos. It looks very quiet.

Raizy says

Wonderful pictures. I had forgotten how beautiful Tzefat is.

Leora says

Lion of Zion, this was my fourth trip. My cousins used to live in the old city of Tsefat, so I was there first way back in 1980. It has gotten a bit more touristy, but tastefully so.

Middle son reported the Ari's mikvah is cold but refreshing. I can't imagine sneaking in at night.

Baila, I love it there!
Ilana-Davita, quieter than Jerusalem, but bustling with tourists at this time of year.
Raizy, thanks. I took pics at a 1990s trip, but I can't find them! Sigh.

hihorosie says

Looks great. The view shot is incredible. And your son doesn't like garlic? I can't imagine not liking garlic! ;)

Batya says

gorgeous pics
My husband was at a wedding in Tsfat when I was at the one I blogged about before I left for NY. I think I blogged about it. It was gorgeous. Dafka two weddings the same day.

Leora says

Batya, glad you got a chance to look at my photos. Have a safe trip back.


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