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A Fountain From France

Here’s my entry for Ruby Tuesday, a fun photography meme hosted by Mary/The Teach.

Huh? you say. That’s not red. Ruby Tuesday is supposed to be something red.

Well, the night I took this photo and a few others, I went back to our hotel across the street, the Kings Hotel in Jerusalem, and loaded the pictures unto my laptop. And I discovered something strange:

All the other photos showed a blue fountain. But this one showed a reddish-purplish fountain. The next day, I went back and examined the fountain. Sure enough, the fountain has blue and red lights in it, and at night, the fountain turns from blue to red to blue.

Here it is during the day:

The omelette chef at the Kings Hotel joked with us at breakfast time about the “swimming pool” at the hotel. “Swimming pool?” I responded. “The Kings doesn’t have a swimming pool.” He was jokingly referring to this fountain. My daughter really did like the fountain, and she almost went swimming in it. One of the women in the neighborhood told me that the fountain is brand-new, donated in 2008 by someone from France:

Some of the neighborhood residents didn’t like the fountain, protesting that in a country that doesn’t not have a lot of water resources, this is a waste. But my husband and I reasoned that one could just recycle the water.

One final view of the fountain:

ruby tuesday

Ilana-Davita says

Very unusual fountain. Funny post.

maryt/theteach says

How clever you are Leora! I love your Ruby Tuesday red/blue post! Excellent! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Leora says

Ilana-Davita and Mary, I'm having fun already and it's only Monday afternoon!

frumhouse says

Pretty fountain! Pretty girl! Pretty pictures!

maria says

That was a fun post. Love the information about the fountain to go along with your picture.

ellen b says

That is a pretty fountain. It's great that it turned red for you :0)

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

What a nice surprise for you to find red lights among the blue! Perfect for Ruby Tuesday. ;-)

Ralph says

More so than the fountain of changing lights, the city is of stunning character and style. Definitely not North America, but not Europe either. However you describe it, is looks great!

dot says

Interesting fountain! I love the last shot.

ShutterHappyJenn says

That is a wonderful fountain!

Mine's HERE. Happy Tuesday!

Angela at mommy bytes says

Cool fountain! Those red lights won't stay still, eh? I did my very first Ruby Tuesday this week.

baila says

Where exactly is the fountain? And how new is it? I don't recall seeing it, but it's been a while since I've been up by the King Hotel.

Bobbie says

It's a nice fountain -- I like the fact that it can change color via its lights. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Raven says

That first photo is especially lovely. Interesting how the fountain changes colors.

Carletta says

What a gorgeous fountain!
What a sweetie your daughter is.

Michelle says

Your daughter is so cute and the fountain does look inviting..

CharmaineZoe says

Very nice fountain and your pics are great :-)

Leora says

Baila, it really is directly across the street from the Kings. The Center for Conservative Judaism is across the way. Gives the area a bit of a "European" feel.

Thanks, everyone, for enjoying my fountain post and my little model who likes to pose for me (sometimes I have to kick her out of the picture and say, no, I really want to photograph the flower first *without* you in it).

Tink *~*~* says

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten the photos on the computer screen, only to see that I've captured something I wasn't aware of at the time. Great story!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Jientje says

That's what I thought too when I arrived here, isn't it supposed to be ruby ?
I love the story Leora!
You do so many different things on your blog, I read the previous post, and i think that was a very clever observation you made there!
Have a nice day, Leora!

Dianne says

Your daughter is a natural, love her pose.

All the photos are wonderful, I especially like the last one - the light and color are stunning.

quilly says

I very much enjoyed your fountain photo and the story that went with it. Thank you for visiting my Ruby Tuesday!

Babs - beetle says

Well I like the fountain ;O) It looks beautiful all lit up red.

Suzie says

NIce shots. I miss ISrael I cant wait to visit again when the kids get a little older. but right now that flight would be a nightmare

Sara says

Hi Leora, thanks for stopping by. And yes, I did eat up all the cherries!

This is a lovely fountain, and even in a country strapped for water these days, it's still good to have something this pleasant and soothing, and, as you say, the water can be recycled.

The Kings Hotel! That was where our tour stayed when I was there in 1995...good memories!

Leora says

Suzie, wait until the kids are older, then they can really appreciate Israel.
Sara, yes, now there are so many hotels in Jerusalem, but the Kings is still there.

torsdag says

you're welcome bitteschön
You're welcome! Bitte sehr!
You're welcome! Gern geschehen!
You're welcome! Keine Ursache!
You're welcome! Nichts zu danken!

Little different translations, but it means all the same.

Hallo from Torsdag (Hartmut)

Laura@StorytellinMama says

My kids are always drawn to fountains!!

Very cool pictures!

Minkydo says

Pretty fountain. Interesting pictures.

Fishing Guy says

Leoroa: Those are some great photos of the fountain as the day changes.
Thanks for you comments on my sight.

hihorosie says

Whoa! Lotsa comments here! :D That fountain is beautiful. I love it at night.

system operator says

Nice strory and I sometimes get that also, when you see something really strange after you review the photos.

In Italy people are actually swimming and cooling in those when it gets really hot!


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