A Fountain From France

Here’s my entry for Ruby Tuesday, a fun photography meme hosted by Mary/The Teach.

Huh? you say. That’s not red. Ruby Tuesday is supposed to be something red.

Well, the night I took this photo and a few others, I went back to our hotel across the street, the Kings Hotel in Jerusalem, and loaded the pictures unto my laptop. And I discovered something strange:

All the other photos showed a blue fountain. But this one showed a reddish-purplish fountain. The next day, I went back and examined the fountain. Sure enough, the fountain has blue and red lights in it, and at night, the fountain turns from blue to red to blue.

Here it is during the day:

The omelette chef at the Kings Hotel joked with us at breakfast time about the “swimming pool” at the hotel. “Swimming pool?” I responded. “The Kings doesn’t have a swimming pool.” He was jokingly referring to this fountain. My daughter really did like the fountain, and she almost went swimming in it. One of the women in the neighborhood told me that the fountain is brand-new, donated in 2008 by someone from France:

Some of the neighborhood residents didn’t like the fountain, protesting that in a country that doesn’t not have a lot of water resources, this is a waste. But my husband and I reasoned that one could just recycle the water.

One final view of the fountain:

ruby tuesday

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