Art in Israel

In many public places in Israel one can find art. Above is a detail of a mosaic at Rosh Hanikra.

Even mailboxes (at left, mailbox in Tsefat) and utility boxes (at right, in Jerusalem) are often decorated with beautiful, colorful paintings.

We were introduced to the art of Sol Baskin at the military museum in Latrun. I believe the large painting at the bottom is of the Six Day War.

Ginosar, a resort on the Kinneret, has a sculpture garden. And too much green grass, considering water is in short supply in Israel.

The above realistic mural is on a building on Rechov Yaffo, Jaffa Street in Jerusalem. Depicted is the light rail train that is under construction and will run in the city.

There are some wonderful art museums in Israel (Tel Aviv Museum, Israel Museum), but we didn’t get a chance to visit these on our recent trip. We did, however, go into the above building, which is the original building for the Bezalel School of Art. It now has art exhibits on each floor of the building.

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