Beet Leaf Watercolor

beet leaf watercolor

I did this watercolor in honor of my beets giver…who gave understanding and connection at a difficult time. Click on it to see actual size.

8 thoughts on “Beet Leaf Watercolor

  • Beautiful. And love that there’s even a special meaning and connection behind it all. Makes it even more beautiful.

    My husband and I just picked a bunch of beets last night from our garden. 🙂 although, some were pulled a bit early due to slugs. Grr.

  • Rosie, I’d like to try planting beets next year. But I first have to learn to catch groundhogs. We really need to get one of those love traps. sigh.

  • Leora..your post took me on such a journey which ended up with me reading posts from many different blogs, one leading to another. I don’t see it now, but I ended up at one blog of a west bank settler and it was very interesting.. Thank you.. Michelle

  • This is a beautiful watercolor. I love the different hues of green. It is also lovely to see how the purple offsets the green and that it also works the other way round.
    It is a great tribute.

  • Did you have formal training, or does this come natural to you? How long does it take you to do something like this?

    You are so talented. Do you ever show your stuff?

  • Michelle, I think you meant the previous post. Glad you explored those blogs. Those are bloggers I read often.
    Ilana-Davita, glad you like the different hues of green. Getting the colors and values “right” creates the picture.
    Baila, thank you! Yes, I have taken many art classes. I went to art school for one year. Hope you read the post about the upcoming art show. This particular painting did not take long at all. Maybe one half hour total? But I’ve been doing art since I was a kid, and my mother was my first teacher. So it took 42 years, if one assumes I started at age 3.
    Gail, yes, on my list of things to do is put together some cards at CafePress. Sometime this fall (I said I would do it this summer, but summer seems to be ending soon).

  • I just saw the post about the show. That is so great that no only your internet friends can see your work. I’m sure you’ll get alot of positive responses.

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