I needed to send someone a condolence card. Someone who sat shiva (one sits shiva for seven days for a close relative, in this case a brother) far away. So I painted two watercolors of yahrzeit candles. I’ve never painted lit candles before, and it wasn’t easy. I chose one to send. Here are both the watercolors:

candle yahrzeit colorful
yahrzeit candle watercolor

9 thoughts on “Candles

  • I actually had to look it up. Yes, I did send the top one. This is an example where you can make “little lies” in art; you may not exactly see something in some way, but you can add it to your painting, anyway.

    Thanks for looking, Ilana-Davita and Baila. I guess “less pessimistic” is a good goal for a condolence card. One wouldn’t want too cheery, on the other hand.

  • I totally agree with all the rest, the top one is my favourite one too! But I have missed so much here in so little time! I loved the salmon recipe, and I will try that pink sauce very soon, the red hibiscus was stunning, you teach us computer skills, you make water color paintings! You are so talented Leora!
    Bless you!

  • Jientje, you are so sweet. With a comment like that one, I will continue posting on my variety of topics. Thanks for the encouragement.

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