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Family Day at Jill’s

This past week we (my daughter, my middle son, and I) spent some time at Jill‘s. We all painted. Jill spent a lot of time with my daughter; this was her second art lesson with Jill. My middle son has been taking classes with Jill for about one year. I finally finished my broccoli painting (see my broccoli drawing), which I started months ago:

Here’s the ballerina that my daughter painted:

I finished my broccoli painting before my daughter finished hers, so I did this sketch:

This is my son’s artwork:
fiery tree

My son is excited about surrealism (Jill taught him about Salvador Dali).
What do you see in his painting?

frumhouse says

Looks like artistic talent runs in the family!

Ilana-Davita says

You are a talented lot.
I like your daughter¹s ballerina; the fact that she looks very light and the
movement she gave her. Really good for her age.
Your son's painting: I see a dead burnt tree in the foreground,flames (above water?) in the background and a living tree on the left.
The character in your own sketch makes me think of an angel.

Jill says

I feel so proud!
Fantastic work all around.
Looking forward to seeing the whole family of artists at the exhibit next week.

Leora says

Jill, my pleasure. And you should feel proud, especially of your work with my daughter. I added "Highland Park" as one the categories; I've been spreading the word around town about your great abilities in teaching kids (and adults, too).

Ben-Yehudah says


Love all of the above! I believe that your son may have drawn the tree's shadow. It's not in line with the tree as it's on its own, creeping around.

Do we get to learn what he sees in it?

My father was a professor of art in university. My friends always told me that my house looked a gallery. I didn't think anything of it, and I didn't learn to appreciate that until I was much older.

Thanks for sharing your work!

Leora says

Ben-Yehudah, I would have never guessed from your posts that your father was an art prof! Glad to have you come over here "cross-the-Atlantic" to look at some our family's art.

Paz says

I love all this artwork! What a talented family your are!

I love broccoli. I eat a lot of broccoli and your painting makes me hungry. ;-)

What a beautiful ballerina (I love ballerina paintings.)! I love how she's on her tiptoes and strectches her arms. And she has a nice smile on her face.

Your sketch DOES look like an angel, watching over someone. Very nice.

Last but not least, I love your son's painting. What do I see in his painting? I see a really cool painting. I see different colors that I like -- colors that catch my attention and make me want to look more. I see the sky, the ground; I see an interesting-looking tree. I see the shadow of another tree. I see flames in front of the first tree. Next to the flames, I see water...

Very cool!


Ralph says

I see some kind of mantis underground in the art of your son. Or is a multi-point buck deer? I see a few different things there...the embodiment of art!

The ballerina is thin and lovely also! As is the floret...

mother in israel says

It looks like some very vicious wildlife.

Michelle says

I see fire and something hidden and dark..I may be way off. This reminds me of the art lessons I took as a child. But I think the talent passed down to my sister, not to me..@:{

Jientje says

" Eternal Flame"

Raizy says

First off, your son' painting is very compelling. It looks to me as if there are strong winds blowing (based on the tangled tree limbs and the diagonal strokes in the blue of the sky). The setting feels like a strange, deserted sort of place, where something sinister is about to happen. The enormous black roots look like they are about to erupt through the earth. It's a very mature painting!

hihorosie says

For starters, all the artwork is wonderful! Your son's piece comes across to me as on the surface all seems well but something is happening underneath. I do see flames too so maybe that is the result of what's about to happen - the beginning.

You're all so talented - thanks for sharing part of yourselves with us.

Jill says


Your painting has created a mystery and really made people think. That is the mark of a truly successful piece of art!

Keep up the great work.


Louise says

AHHHH, their artistic talents are genetic! LOVE your work, and both children are definitely budding artists. That must be so gratifying!


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