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Farmer’s Market Sky

At the Highland Park farmer’s market last Friday, I looked up.

And then I looked down.

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Hildegarde says

And both up and down you saw : beauty !! a very uplifting contribution for SWF.

Kelly says

Beautiful photos! The flowers are lovely! Great job!

Ilana-Davita says

Great sky. The skies are quite good for SWF at the moment. I realize that when I go places I have started to think that I should have taken my camera and taken photos for the challenge.

Lelah says

Gorgeous both ways! I used to live in Highland Park, from 1999-2005. I'm only in Dunellen now, not far, but Highland Park is *much* better!

Leora says

Lelah, I love when I get "locals" visiting my blog. I think I've been to the theatre in Dunellen but not recently.

Thanks, Hildegarde, Kelly and Ilana-Davita. We bloggers know how fun SWF makes Thursday nights. We get to explore the planet's skies.

Troy Mullens says

Nice sky and nice flowers.
Great photos for SWF.

Thanks for the visit.

Jientje says

Awwww! You inspired me!!!
I am going to post a Skywatch Friday too, I saw the most amazing pink sky tonight!!! Thank you so much, I had no idea what to post tomorrow morning!

Yes, they are Colombines or Aquilegia! Wow, you know so many flowers by name!

The Rocky Mountain Retreat says

I love visiting the farmer's Market! You have captured some delightful photos!! Pretty colors, and a beautiful sky!!

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) says

Up is my favorite! :)

Photo Cache says

I am a sucker for blue sky and white clouds together. This fits the bill for me.

Carver says

I'm glad you looked up and down. They are both perfect.

wren says

No matter where you look, there's something beautiful.

Fish Whisperer says

Perfect, it shows that if we go through life with eye wide open we will see beauty everywhere. Have a wonderful weekend.

JennWasHere says

Wow, got the best of both worlds! You had a great view up the sky and you got a great view on land as well!

My SWF photos are posted in these blogs:
Jenn Was Here and Shutter Happy Moments.

Please drop by if you have some time. Thanks.

Louise says

Looks pretty in all directions!

Rose says

Very colorful, beautiful pictures.

Cabacurl says

Your 2 photos are a perfect them.

Sherry says

Lovely photos! That flower shot is awesome.

Tommy V says

looks like a nice market. nice pictures.

katney says

It just goes to show that we need to keep our eyes open and look in every direction.

Jim says

Hey Leora, you looked up, then back down. It is hard to deside which is prettier, the sky or the flowers. I'll take the sky today.
Happy Skywatching, thank you for peeking in at my storms-a-coming sunrise.

Jim says


Lilli says

Well both up and down shots were very beautiful

Inkivääri says

Just beatiful both up and down!

Harry Makertia says

Beautiful sky, beautiful flowers, beautiful environment. Great job!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Beautiful skie for a farmers' market. The last time I was at one the skies opened up and poured down. OH DEAR. Everyone folded their tents quickly, thats for sure.

MaryBeth says

A cooperating sky for Farmer's Market. thank goodness. MB

Larry D says

A great day at the farmers market!

Tink *~*~* says

Ah, I do miss the northeast in the summer time! The trees are green and the skies are blue and the temps are a little kinder than they are in Florida. Well, I'm headed north for a visit next week, so your Skywatch has made me wish for next week to come faster. :D

re: your comment on my Tree of Life post - I do have lots of fun when I go to Disney, and the Animal Kingdom has become my second favorite park (EPCOT will always be first with me!). Always lots of beautiful things to photograph there.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy those blue skies!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Robin says

Oooh, pretty sky, and lovely flowers too!

Michelle says

Blue sky and flowers. What more could a person ask for?

Rachel says

thank you very much for your comments. your photos are wonderful. i love famrmers/flea markets!!

petunia says

Nice photos!!
Petunia's SWF

Baruch says

A view up and a view down - clever - and both stunning!

system operator says

Happy sky watching and week end!

Berit T says

I love the sky and the flower!!!

me and my camera says

Outdoors markets are such wonderful places to be, especially when they are filled with beautiful colour such as these flowers are.


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