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Flower of Jerusalem

Photo of this pink bouganvillea or paper flower was taken in the City of David, Jerusalem in early July. I believe the Mount of Olives is in the background.

Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz!

Jack says

Nice photo. I like it.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: A beautiful flower to share with us, nicely done.

dot says

Beautiful shot and I really love the background!

Pat says

Beautiful flower. I never knew that they were also called paper flower. Very nice photo.

Marcos Santos says

Bouganvillea are my favorite.

There are two types: One is male and the other is female. The flower of his picture, it would be classified as female, here.

Raizy says

To see new beauty blossoming in such an ancient city is an awesome thing.

ShutterHappyJenn says

This is the provincial flower of La Union in the Philippines, and my aunt has a lot of this plant -- in different colors. Great shot you have here. The background was so good, too!

It's my first time to join Today's Flowers, and you can see my post here. Hope you can drop by if you have some time. Thanks!

April says

Very lovely pink against an amazing background. Wonderful photo!

Michelle says

A flower meme..that is a great idea and I love the bright color against the mountain background...

Carletta says

I love this against the blurred background!
Well done!

Piedmont Perspective says

You bougainvillea are a lovely color, Leora! Thank you for sharing them with us.

MaryBeth says

Beautiful flower and beautiful photo. Love it!! MB

Ilana-Davita says

Very good shot. I like the blurred background too as well as the contrast between the pink and the "grey".

Abraham Lincoln says

Very nice blog with lovely photographs. I like this one too.

Gemma says

What delicate beauty in a stunning colour! And love the backdrop!

me Ann my camera says

Your flower exhibits such beautiful contrast between the colourful foreground against the greying background. Lovely flower.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Bouganvillea are such beautiful flowers. I wish I could grow them in my gardens.

Luiz Ramos says

Beautiful bougainvillea. Special taken in Jerusalem. Good

Cátia says


Jientje says

We don't have enough sun to keep a Bougainvillea happy here in Belgium, and that's all the more reason I love this picture, Leora!! Lovely meme, this one, I've seen it on other blogs as well!
Your artwork is outstanding too Leora, I love that beetroot leaf!
I watered my plants this evening, and saw that it's doing very well , better than ever!

Denise says

Bouganvillea are a real charm, has a huge variety of colors and can be trimmed in various ways, a bush magnificent, beautiful choice.

maryt/theteach says

That's a beauty, Leora!

Luiz Santilli Jr says

Very interesting blog.
Thanks for your post in TODAY'S FLOWERS.
Thanks also for the support, very important in the start of this idea!
Hope to see you every week!!!


hihorosie says



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