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My Art News

My Middle Son and I are going to be in an art show at the Highland Park Public Library in September 2008. You are all most cordially invited to attend the opening on Sunday, September 7 from 2-5 pm (did I just invite way too many people, Jill?).

It is a showing of the art students of Jill Caporlingua. As I am the webmaster for the library’s site, I added some of art that will be on display to the library gallery.

Here’s a piece I chose to be in the show; not one I did with Jill, but it is my favorite oil painting:
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I’m afraid this image doesn’t do the painting justice; it’s much nicer to view in person, especially when the subject himself is sitting right under the painting, buried in one of his books.

I am also planning to show:
this garden watercolor
this portrait.

mother in israel says

Congratulations and wish we could attend.

Robin says

Congratulations! What a beautiful painting. I wish I could see it in person.

Ilana-Davita says

Congratulations for the paintings and for the coming exhibition.
All the best; wish I could attend too.

A Living Nadneyda says

What a great opportunity. May you have many more exhibits, and continued success in all your creative endeavors.


Gail says

Awesome painting, Leora. Really and truly wonderful.

Best of luck with the exhibit. Wish I could see it.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: What beautiful paiting you have done. I especially think the portrait is stunning.

I'm glad you felt you knew me on Sky Watch. I got to be #1 because I had posted my picture as the opening. I was so honored to be asked.

Leora says

Thanks for the encouragement, all. You are my "test" audience for what to show the greater public. Now, just to get over some of those "greater public" fears...

Jill says

The more the merrier! Everyone is welcomed to celebrate all my wonderful students' achievements.

Looking forward to the show.


Michelle says are so talented, these are wonderful. My mother paints (now with difficulty) and I know how much pleasure it brings her. I wish I could attend and meet you and your family..

phyllis says

you are so talented! what a gorgeous painting. congrats on the exhibit!

sheva says

I love this painting among many others of yours. Have you thought of doing greeting cards or post cards? I would love to buy a set of cards of your paintings.


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