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My Middle Son and I are going to be in an art show at the Highland Park Public Library in September 2008. You are all most cordially invited to attend the opening on Sunday, September 7 from 2-5 pm (did I just invite way too many people, Jill?).

It is a showing of the art students of Jill Caporlingua. As I am the webmaster for the library’s site, I added some of art that will be on display to the library gallery.

Here’s a piece I chose to be in the show; not one I did with Jill, but it is my favorite oil painting:
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I’m afraid this image doesn’t do the painting justice; it’s much nicer to view in person, especially when the subject himself is sitting right under the painting, buried in one of his books.

I am also planning to show:
this garden watercolor
this portrait.

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