On Loss and Community

On Loss

Received a treasured thank you note in response to the card I sent.
Here’s a quote from the card (Habakuk 2:4):
“The righteous shall live through his faith”

צַדִּיק, בֶּאֱמוּנָתוֹ יִחְיֶה

On Community

I am thankful that I belong to a wonderful community here in Highland Park, both the Jewish community and my little borough as a whole. I am glad Batya, Jack, SoccerDad (good philosophy joke here) and Jameel believe there is a Jewish community online, because I value it very much, as I express myself better on my keyboard than I do verbally. And I love all the wonderful bloggers I have met, of many backgrounds and from a multitude of countries.

On one post RivkA with a capital A of Coffee and Chemo wrote:

If you comment, you are a part of the community.

On Loss and Community

Community is especially important at a time of loss. This morning, a blogger Twittered that she had lost a favorite aunt. I expressed my sadness to her in a responding Tweet. (If you want to follow me on Twitter, I'm leoraw). Online community can be special; it can be a way of saying, hey, I'm having a hard time here. Does anyone else get this? And hopefully, someone does.

13 thoughts on “On Loss and Community

  • I have a relative going thru some tough times physically and found the online community to be a wonderful support. I’m also appreciative of being part of a special online community. I’ve met some really great people both online and in person as a result of blogging.

  • Rosie, yeah, I saw a picture on your site of you with blogger friends! Fun.
    Jack, I find online I have more opportunity to talk about the details of a situation and to explore. In person, I can go across the street or to the next block to get a hug or a real live ear. But my friends online seem less distracted, more able to listen. Both are important to me.

  • Leora: I read your comment on Jameel’s blog and wished to say how much I agreed with it, except it was a bit late and I didn’t know how to articulate this without repeating what you had written.
    I too feel part of a Jewish community online; all the more so in my case as the Jewish community here is so tiny. I above love sharing, learning and, yes, the support.
    The fact that it is a new kind of community doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  • Leora,

    That is the thing. In person people don’t always listen as well as they could. It is not intentional, there are so many distractions. Here they get a chance to read and perhaps get a more detailed description.

    I think that as people we need both.

  • Jack, I’ve tried to convert a few of my friends into online readers. I haven’t really succeeded. Some don’t know how to use a computer at all, but are very verbal. Some are very adept at the computer, but uncomfortable with writing online about anything remotely personal. So I think it is certain kinds of people that like doing this online thing, people who feel comfortable with writing (and reading). Luckily, there seems to be a LOT of writers and readers on this planet.

  • Real time in the jblog community is 24 hours a day. It gives an additional dimention to life. I’ve found some jbloggers so totally selfless, helpful, wonderful.

  • Batya, yes!
    Robin, thanks so much for allowing me to use you as an example. Yesterday I was reading a blogger, and I found she wrote about her husband’s sudden death. She had 120 comments of condolences. Then another blogger was posting of a friend’s son’s tragic drowning death. Many bloggers were also writing post about this sweet little boy who is now gone. Incredible, the outpouring, the connection. Sad that someone can’t understand why this is a good thing, a hopeful thing for humankind.

  • As far as community, you can count me in! I get what you are saying. My “blogger” community is very important to me! I would do most anything that I could to help or support any of my friends! I hope to be part of your community! I enjoy your ideas and thinkings! I hope you will include me as a part of your group.

    Peace Be With You and All!!!

  • Kelly, so glad you are joining my little online community. It seems to be a real mix of folks from around the planet who read this blog, everyone with a bit of connection to my mix of interests.

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