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Ruby Tuesday: Red Hibiscus

My neighbor grew these hibiscus flowers right next to my backyard so I could photograph them for Ruby Tuesday. Right? This is not the neighbor with the potted red plants, the one who paints the Jersey Shore. This is the neighbor who cooks with influences of North African, Persian and French cuisine. I have nice neighbors.

ruby tuesday

ellen b says

Love the hibiscus. It's great to have good neighbors and a plus if they are good cooks and share :0)
I love persian food...

Ilana-Davita says

Funny; I had hesitated between another dahlia (which I posted) and a hibiscus photographed in HK.
Beautiful sunny photos.

Michelle says

How pretty..I am working on my Ruby Tuesday post...

Baila says

We grew Hibiscus in Cedarhurst. It's a beautiful flower and photo.

Ralph says

This hibiscus is stunning. I enjoy seeing the light from above in the second shot and in both, how the reddest of reds compares to the wide variety of foliage and plants in the background. Here it looks like the queen of the garden...

maryt/theteach says

Yes, I wish I had such nice neighbors who plant and grow and cook! Lucky you! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

ShutterHappyJenn says

Great shots! I am at most times having a hard time taking pictures of red subjects, and for sure I will have a hard time shooting this one if I was at your place.

HERE is where I posted my Ruby Tuesday photo. Please hop by if you have the time. I will be very appreciated. Thanks!

Napaboaniya APAD says

Beautiful red hibiscus flower your neighbor has grown :)

Mimi Lenox says

It looks like it could speak to me! Beautiful!
I am here.

Raven says

Your neighbors do sound wonderful and interesting. These are beautiful photos. Gorgeous flowers.

Yrsa says

Beautiful light and red colours :)

Bobbie says

Hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers. We have about 40 or so hibiscus plants in our garden (I lost count!) and among those are 28 different varieties. The red, like this one, are considered to be the "classic" hibiscus. You've done a good job of photographing them. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

chrome3d says

In that second photo the small yellow parts and the flower look really good with all the details. Great flower photo!

Felisol says

Those Hibiscus plants were just wonderful.
Imagine living in a place where one can grow Hibiscus outdoors.
Great pic. Great neighbors.
From Felisol

me and my camera says

The photos are gorgeous as are the flowers. i have nver seen these before; very beautiful!

Ivanhoe says

Awesome close-up. I have nice neighbors on two sides. The third side neighbors are just little too loud :o)

Minkydo says

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

WillThink4Wine says

I have neighbors with great gardens, but none that cook for me! How lucky are you?!

Dianne says

Love all the detail!

You do have lovely neighbors.

Patti says

What a gorgeous hibiscus! I've never grown those. Someday...

It sounds like you have wonderful neighbors.

Ladynred says

That is beautiful red hibiscus. I wish I have neighbor that cooks for me too!hehe


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