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Ruby Tuesday Rides the Rapids


You can’t please everyone all the time

We went canoeing on the Delaware River between New York State and Pennsylvania. Most of us had fun. My daughter did not. She wanted the gentle course we chose last summer, the one my boys, who are ages 11 and 13, thought boring.

Can you see the tiny red canoe in the distance? Halfway my eldest son and I switched, so he did not have to yell at me to stop taking pictures. It is not easy nor advisable to be the one steering a canoe and taking photos at the same time. On the second half, I sat in the front, my husband in the back, my six-year-old daughter in the middle. Every time we crossed some rapids, she would shriek: “Oar! You have to oar!” I did try to tell her the proper word is paddle, but that didn’t interest her much.

Finally, at some point she refused to do the section of rapids ahead of us. So daughter and I hiked the side while husband did the short stretch of rapids. He waited for us on the bottom. I used this as an opportunity to photograph:

I apologize for including the above photo with no red on a Ruby Tuesday post. I’m sure you will forgive me. If I squint at the stems, I can see slivers of red. Can you?

Yesterday in my haste I mistakenly deleted a favorite red leaf photo from the camera. Has this happened to you? Do you then walk around with a pang in your heart for a day? (quick, someone send me to the nearest photoblogger’s anonymous meeting). This one with its signs of approaching autumn will have to do:

We passed under a bridge with a red dotted sign:

And I didn’t notice what this sign said until we were right on top of the diver, I just saw red:

To participate in Ruby Tuesday, post a photo (or more) with a little red or a LOT of red. Then visit Mary the Teach at to submit your link.

ruby tuesday

maryt/theteach says

Leora, when my husband and I went "oaring" on the Delaware River starting in New Jersey years ago we ended up in the water twice! He was in the back steering and I constantly felt like we were tilting... Our friends couldn't believe we ended up in the drink so often! Your red canoes are wonderful as are your photos. I'm glad you didn't slap that diver in the head! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Jim says

Leora, this is a wonderful trip on the rapids. I'm with your daughter, I would rather canoe leisurely in more peaceful waters. Happy RRtU, thanks for the visit and nice comment.
.. :-)

Ralph says

Leora, maybe there should be a law (like cell phones and driving) about taking pictures while canoeing!

Lavender is made from purple which is itself derived from red.

Well, you didn't hit the diver...but noticed the sign after passing said diver. No harm, no foul. Hey, it's the thought that counts, right??

Denise says

Hi, Leora
I see that the tour was a beautiful family and a lot of fun, and you explored the scenario well, bringing great Ruby.
hugs, Denise

A Simple Jew says

Gorgeous pictures! I sure am envious of your outdoors adventure.

ShutterHappyJenn says

I would have love the adventure, but if its my first time, I might have to go with the leisurely canoeing first.

My Ruby Tuesday's up here.

Linda @ this and that says

What a great family outing. Kids are hard to please no matter what the activity.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

What a nice trip you had...well, most of you. I'm sure the RED canoes made the trip that much nicer. ;-) OOPS! about the diver.

Mojo says

I've never seen that kind of bouy used by divers before. All I've ever seen are the (equally red... and white) flags. So you could be forgiven for not knowing what it was I think.
Nice collection!
Thanks for stopping by earlier.


dot says

Now that sounded like a great adventure! Love your photos. Those red canoes are really eye catching.

ellen b says

What a fun ruby adventure you had. I love the red canoes!

maria says

Those are some awesome pictures. How red are those canoes?

DrillerAA says

Love the red canoes. Great photo. Very nicely composed.
Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday.

Mimi Lenox says

I love the red in this shot!

My Ruby Tuesday is Ruby Tuesday and Baby Boy Lost

Carletta says

What a lovely post! I was taken in at the sight of the canoes and then those little twigs of bloom got to tugging at me and I'm doing bridges this week so that was a great surprise and finally ended with a huge smile at the diver buoy!

mom2my9 says

I love all these photos! The canoes...the flowers...I think my favorite is the one where you have to squint to see the red among the pink. Beautiful! What a fun day it sounds like you had!

Napaboaniya APAD says

Hahhahaa... I had to laugh when you wrote about ur son yelling at you to stop snapping away. I get that alot from my son too :P
Happy Ruby Tuesday!!!

sweetnorms says

awesome place and a beautiful red boat.. you have very beautiful set of photos.. Happy Ruby Tuesday to you..

Bobbie says

Love those red canoes, and the story was fun. I'm glad you didn't bean that diver with your paddles.

Yen says

I can understand your son! LOL My eldest is only 6 yrs old and he tells me stop taking pictures all the time:D LOL

Mine's up if you got a chance, HERE!

Ilana-Davita says

Red canoes! Weren't you lucky? Thanks for sharing your canoe trip with us.
I also find that my looking at the world is affected by theses photo challenges (mostly RT and Skywatch Friday for me).

me Ann my camera says

Photos of family times and outings are always so much fun to view.
A lovely Ruby Red post.

Cátia says

great pictures!just wonderful

Jientje says

I don't think I'd have the guts to try and survive a canoe trip, paddling or no paddling, let alone take pictures while doing so!!!
And yes, the pink flower is forgiven, as you mentioned in your title, you can't please everyone!!!
Great Ruby post, and I love that first picture!!!

Minkydo says

That first photo looks so peaceful. The flowers are lovely as well.

Lucy says

I just love red boats! That is a great shot!

WillThink4Wine says

In a crisis I do believe "Oar" would be appropriate in the interest of saving time! This was a delight! I'd be on the sidelines with your daughter - no rapids for me, thanks!

Michelle says

I think I am on your daughter's side as far as the rapids part goes...Great series and it looked like you had beautiful weather for your adventure...Happy Ruby Tuesday..

Dianne says

I love the shot with the tiny red canoe all the way in the distance. Gives a great perspective for what it must be like to be out there.

I'm with your daughter, give me the gentle course and give me someone to do the "oaring" for me!

Vicki says

That first shot is especially gorgeous. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Leora says

Thanks, all Ruby Tuesday commentators.
Since you get to pick a favorite photo, I'll pick a favorite comment: Ralph's.

It's #3.

judysteapot says

that brought back a few memories of my holiday many years ago with a friend - thanks

hihorosie says

Great post featuring beautiful and artistic pictures! Funny about the diver. :) He probably didn't notice either being underwater. ha ha! Looks like a really fun day.

Patti says

Hi Leora,
I won't even try to compete with my husband's comment, since it was your fave!

I really enjoyed this post with its many Ruby Tuesday photos. And what a beautiful setting along the river.

Happy belated Ruby Tuesday!


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