Ruby Tuesday Rides the Rapids


You can’t please everyone all the time

We went canoeing on the Delaware River between New York State and Pennsylvania. Most of us had fun. My daughter did not. She wanted the gentle course we chose last summer, the one my boys, who are ages 11 and 13, thought boring.

Can you see the tiny red canoe in the distance? Halfway my eldest son and I switched, so he did not have to yell at me to stop taking pictures. It is not easy nor advisable to be the one steering a canoe and taking photos at the same time. On the second half, I sat in the front, my husband in the back, my six-year-old daughter in the middle. Every time we crossed some rapids, she would shriek: “Oar! You have to oar!” I did try to tell her the proper word is paddle, but that didn’t interest her much.

Finally, at some point she refused to do the section of rapids ahead of us. So daughter and I hiked the side while husband did the short stretch of rapids. He waited for us on the bottom. I used this as an opportunity to photograph:

I apologize for including the above photo with no red on a Ruby Tuesday post. I’m sure you will forgive me. If I squint at the stems, I can see slivers of red. Can you?

Yesterday in my haste I mistakenly deleted a favorite red leaf photo from the camera. Has this happened to you? Do you then walk around with a pang in your heart for a day? (quick, someone send me to the nearest photoblogger’s anonymous meeting). This one with its signs of approaching autumn will have to do:

We passed under a bridge with a red dotted sign:

And I didn’t notice what this sign said until we were right on top of the diver, I just saw red:

To participate in Ruby Tuesday, post a photo (or more) with a little red or a LOT of red. Then visit Mary the Teach at to submit your link.

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