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Rudbeckia Associations Game

A photo of my rudbeckia against the fence in our backyard. Here’s the game: instead of telling me what you like about the photo, write some associations. For example, I look at this and I think, “Tom Sawyer.” Because of the story where he painted the fence white. Words or phrases are fine. Have fun.

Ilana-Davita says

Sitting on the fence.

Michelle says

I think of the fence in the backyard of a neighbor where I grew up. Great idea Leora..make us think...@:}

baila says

My house in Cedarhurst.

Shabbat Shalom.

magiceye says

when i see this picture i see the bright yellow flowers not the fence and i associate it with happy moments.. thank you so much.

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me Ann my camera says

My garden and butterflies.

maryt/theteach says

I wonder what's on the other side of the fence...

Leora says

Thanks to everyone who played...seems like a focus a combination of fence focus and flower focus. I also look under the rudbeckia and see some weeds that I am now itching to pluck out of the picture.
I'll have to try this again at some point with a totally different picture.

frumhouse says

Invisible fairies perched on the blossoms. I'm weird.

Leora says

Oooh, fairies. Not weird, frumhouse, you'd get along great with my daughter. Maybe there are dwarves hiding behind the sage.

hihorosie says

Pretty! I think of whimsical umbrellas. I also agree with Frumhouse that there must be little fairies near. :)

And hey, Leora I think you should celebrate your blog every 100 so at 400... Think about it! Your blog is worth celebrating and recognizing.


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