Thursday Challenge: My Fisherman

gone fishing
I took this photo last year, of my middle son at the annual Cub Scout “Kinus” or two-day overnight at a Boy Scout camp with other Jewish campers from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I’m entering it in Thursday Challenge, where the theme this week is: “BLUE” (Water, Sky, Flowers, Birds, Eyes, The Blues, Melancholy,…). Someday, I would like to paint this in oils. Meanwhile, enjoy the photo. Click on it to see it larger.

I guess the “blues” part for me is he is now at sleep-away camp; we heard from him via letters, and he is having a great time! Without us! I miss him.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge: My Fisherman

  • Suzie, you have only just begun to discover the Jewish mommy blog world.
    Raizy, thanks for welcoming her.
    Ilana-Davita, yes, I have been blessed with three beautiful gems of children.

  • Love the photo – the contemplative smile and the branch-as-fishing-rod – it reveals a lot of personality.

    My son also went to (probably the same) Kinnus a bunch of years. (The one on Memorial Day, right?)

    Shomer Shabbat Boy Scouts ROCK!

    (If he’s still involved in scouting, maybe we have a chance for a scouting kid/blogging mom meet-up!?)

  • Juggling Frogs, this was the Cub Scout kinnus (2007). I went to that Cub Scout one with him (and left the rest of the family behind, with Shabbat food cooked). Took the photo on Sunday morning. The Memorial Day one is for Boy Scouts. Since he just graduated to Boy Scouts this past year, he went on the Boy Scout this year (2008). But I didn’t go. It sounded like they could have used some adult help, so maybe I will go in 2009. Have you ever gone to Kinnus with your son? My husband doesn’t like sleeping outside, but I like being in the woods enough to adjust to the sleeping. I even went to Cub Scout kinnus when I was pregnant with my daughter.

    Frumhouse and Michelle, yeah, he’s a cute guy.

  • We went to his first Boy Scout Kinnus when he turned 11. The whole family went. It was great. The food was incredible, like a bar-mitzvah! We stayed in a cabin, but Jonathan stayed in a tent. If you reserve early enough there should be cabins available.

    The only difficult part was the small number of latrines. But the activities, the company, the food, the experience: all were fantastic.

  • Juggling Frogs, we’ve gone many times, to Cub Scout kinus. yeah, the food is too good to be true. Jewish camping! I like staying in my own tent. I remember my first one; I came back and asked women here if they wanted to go, and they looked at me like I was from Mars. And the latrines…oy.

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