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Wordless Wednesday

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Ryanne says

Is there a breath holding contest going on? I never win those. That would have been a great place to be yesterday..way to hot here. I love the picture. Happy WW.

vien says

what's happening down there?

Here's mine.

Happy WW!!

Russ says

Wonderful Picture. Looks so refreshing I want to just jump in and join with the fun.

If you get a minute check out my granddaughters 4th Birthday Party

Ilana-Davita says

Very very refreshing. Nice hues of blue too.

The Fitness Diva says

Somewhat in line with the Olympic theme...
only he/she's not going too fast! ;)

Jientje says

Very refreshing picture on a hot day like today!
It was a nice sunny day in Belgium! Yaaayyyy!

Leora says

Thanks, Russ, Ilana-Davita, Fitness Diva, and Jientje. He's my son, swimming underwater for just a moment. Maybe next week I should post the one where he picks up his head, just so you know he's OK?

WillThink4Wine says

It's so hot here, it's too hot to go in the pool!

Leora says

WillThink4Wine, now that's hot!


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