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Creative Photography: Carrot

Because I like other bloggers that enter this contest, I decided to enter this carrot photo. It’s called Creative Photography. I hope I’m doing this right. I basically desaturated around the carrot in Photoshop and blurred some of the greys. I’m doing studies of carrots for my watercolor painting. Watercolor of carrot coming soon.

Ilana-Davita says

I've just visited their blog; you know how fond of these photo challenges I am, but I am not sure what the rules are.
Looking forward to watercolor of carrot.

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, I figured I'd just dive in, and they can tell me if I got the info all wrong. I finished the watercolor, but I actually prefer the composition of this photo.

I'm going to be looking for pomegranate photos next; none in the supermarket here yet.

Kimmie says

I really love this photo Leora! The bright orange and the gray looks really cool together like that. Nice editing effects!

Good Luck!


Janet says

Lovely carrot! Crunch :-)

Carletta says

This was wonderfully done!

Patti says

I really like the way this photo came out, Leora.

The orange carrot against the shades of gray is a cool contrast!

good luck in Roger's contest. ;-)

Ralph says

The business end of the carrot is what should be Orange. Therefore, the dimming of the green, the inedible part of this root is quite appropriate!

Michelle says

I envy your use of photoshop. I am just trying a few things in PS elements. Not always with great success..LOL..

Leora says

Glad you all like the photo! Michelle, if you lived nearby, I would give you Photoshop lessons. Desaturate is easy; the harder part is selecting what you don't want desaturated.

Ralph, I was actually looking for values (greys, blacks, whites), that's why I often use desaturate when I am planning a painting. If I were looking for food, I would eat the carrot tops, too! Lots of nutrients up there.

jhum says

wow great selective coloring with a carrot! see you at creative photography!

Roger says

That is my favorite technique! Nice job and that is a very creative carrot!

Napaboaniya APAD says

I see bugs bunny's mouth watering!!!

Dianne says

Sure looks like you did it right to me!

Love the effect, so interesting.

Bond says

Welcome to the contest. Nicely done and striking!

Good Luck

Raven says

Cool treatment of the photo. Really brings out the carrot-ness of the carrot. Will be interesting to see your painting.


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