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Kids’ Books & Carrots

A few recommendations for Rosh Hashanah books for young children:

Children’s books are often a great way to learn a new topic. For example, when I was learning needlepoint about twelve years ago (I was pregnant with my second child and wanted to do something creative that required little clean up and one could sit), I found some nice books in the children’s section of the library.

Meanwhile, I am struggling over a carrot. Did you know that carrots’ leaves, the frilly part anyway, are far from the carrot top?

carrot with piece on top
carrot with piece on top, greenery is broken off top and placed on the carrot

carrot leaves winding around the carrot
carrot leaves winding around the carrot

My plan is to do a watercolor of the carrot. I have the paper set up, and the watercolor nearby. But first I need to decide on a composition. I’d like to have some greenery with my carrot, but I can’t decide on where to place it. I don’t want it on top, as in the first photo.

Note to pomegranate lovers: Not yet in season here. So I either have to work from a Google photo or copy this stamp. Not my ideal choice.

Ilana-Davita says

I think I know what you mean about the frilly part being too far from the carrot itself since when I looked for an illustration for some of the recipe posts with carrots I found I had to alter the size of the cropping. For at least one of them, I put a flower instead!

Leora says

Glad you understood my mini little dilemma, Ilana-Davita! I compromised by having the greens wrap around. I'm hoping it will be successful. I just added my first coat of wet, wet, watered-down orange color to the carrot. I'll probably go with some greys for the background next.

judi~gmj says

if you stand it up will the tops bend over far enough to drape gracefully along side? Bet it would if ya let it wilt long enough. :)

Michelle says

I never thought about the green being so far away from the rest. I wish I had read a wider range of books to my daughter back then.


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