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Large Cart, Little Girl

Pulling a cart of apples that is twice as heavy as me
Pulling a cart of apples that is twice as heavy as me

Thursday Challenge: the theme for this week is “LARGE” (Big Things, Tall Things, Buildings, Cars, Airplanes,…).

I’m not big on photographing cars or airplanes or skyscrapers, but I did enjoy watching my daughter dragging that cart around when we went apple picking last Sunday.

Michelle says

Your daughter is so cute...

Lion of Zion says

where'd you go apple picking? my mrs. would like to go.

we went last year somewhere in central NJ but we had a bad time (too hot, jr did not cooperate and not good picking). on the other hand we had a great time somewhere upstate this summer (and they had so many different things to pick)

Ilana-Davita says

Nice photo for the "large" challenge. I wasn't sure what to post so after much hesitation gave it a miss.

Juha Ylitalo says

Thankfully cart doesn't seem to have whole lot of stuff on it.
When its full of apples or other sort of load, it probably takes little bit technic and whole lot brute force to push it around.
Nice response to photo theme's challenge.

magiceye says

that was a great one!

Leora says

Michelle, thank you.
LoZ, we went to Lee Turkey Farm. In addition to apples, they have other foods one can pick. And they also have a corn maze and a playground. In October, they have hay rides, but it wasn't October yet, so that was a little disappointing for my daughter. It's near East Windsor.
ID, yes, I have a hard time whenever it says airplanes or cars...not my kind of thing. I like photographing nature and people, especially kids.
Juha and magiceye, glad you liked it!

judysteapot says

the wheels look bigger than the little girl!! and what a glorious day too, take care, love Judyx

Louise says

Such a sweet and innocent picture!


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