Library Sale Success

This is where I was for about two hours this morning, at the Friends of the Highland Park Library Book Sale. I volunteered for a little over an hour taking the money from the sales, and then I came back with my daughter to buy some books. Despite the pouring rain, patrons were coming in and buying books. Those running the sale told me that the sale has been a success (they have made over $3000). In the middle of the photo is Mort, who spent a lot of his time this past week putting together the sale, and on the right is George, another sale organizer.

So, what did we buy? I bought a biography of the Rema, the story of Rabbi Moshe Isserles. It says in the introduction that certain liberties where made with re-creating his life, but I think I will get a feel for what life was like in 16th century Cracow. My daughter selected a Mother Goose book (we already own one, but this one has different illustrations), a Berenstains Bears book, and Meet Samantha, an American Girl book. I also threw in a copy of the Princess and the Goblin, thinking at some point my daughter will enjoy this classic.

I’m currently reading Mary Poppins, the original book by P.L. Travers. It is delightful, and one can see how it inspired the producers of the more famous movie. I hope to post excerpts from the book in the next week. But now I need to get back to my holiday preparations.

9 thoughts on “Library Sale Success

  • I love libraries and book sales, both new and old.

    Your previous post is not allowing comments–I just wanted to let you know that I intend to pass on the “I love your blog” award after Rosh Hashannah.

  • So cool! I lived in HP when I was a little girl. My father’s (a”h) mens clothing store, Dave’s, was on Raritan Avenue, right next to the storefront which served as the library. My goal was to read all the books it held. At 5 years old, I borrowed 3 books, brought them next door to read, and went back to return them and get more. The librarian was upset with me — ‘you can only take out 3 books a week.’ She made a onetime exception, and told me in the future I had to keep to the limit! Seems you’ve come a long way since then! (So have I — half way around the globe, to Crimea!) I wonder if any of my classmates still live in HP?

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