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Rally in Highland Park

Received in a synagogue announcement late last night:

This Thursday, September 25 at 7:30 there will be a rally at the corner
of 3rd & Raritan Avenues. The purpose of the rally is to express our
disappointment that the Mennonite Central Committee, the parent
organization of the 10 Thousand Villages store, is hosting the
president of Iran for dinner while he is in New York, and to protest
Ahmadinejad’s calls for genocide against Israel.

Ahmadinejad is basically a modern day Haman. He has threatened to destroy Israel and has held a Holocaust-denial conference. One of the hosts is someone named Penny Pritzker. I’ll let you do the research.

Ilana-Davita says

This is incredible. I am just speechless.

Louise says

It is rare that there are protests about things I really believe in, but this would be one. I hope you have lots of support. I would be there, but... I'm a few thousand miles away.

Batya says

Nothing surprises me any more.

Leora says

I remember going to rallies in the 1970's in support of Soviet Jewry. In the end, we have many Russians in our area, and there are many in Israel, as well (in both cases, not all are Jewish; more than just the Jews wanted to leave Russia). So I guess something helped, whether it was the rally or not.

I may actually not make it to this rally, as I have a young child who needs to get to bed, and we have Back-to-School-Night two nights in a row, at two different schools. But I hope the young people in our area will show up for this. I don't even know who is doing the organizing.

Thanks, ID, Louise, and Batya, for your support.

Michelle says

Oh no..what a terrible idea..Good luck for the rally

Helen says

I wanted to go too...with Yvette of course, but I had to do back to school night where I work...I hope they had a good turnout.

Leora says

Helen, I didn't make it either. Too busy being tired and taking care of the little one. I was out too much this week.


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