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Ruby Tuesday: Begonias

Small Town Reds remind me of Small Town Blues

Do you live in a small town? Do you find that more people are shopping in malls or online, so the stores in your little town are not what they used to be?

I photographed these begonias on Raritan Avenue in Highland Park last month. They remind that while we have some pretty planted flowers through volunteers and through state tax money, we still have empty stores and too many hair and nail salons. Not enough stores that one can really use. We do have a great toy store, but the bookstores disappeared, the bike shop went away, a fish shop closed, and not enough new, interesting stores move in.

To participate in Ruby Tuesday, post a photo (or more) with a little red or a LOT of red. Then visit Mary the Teach at to submit your link.

ruby tuesday

Ilana-Davita says

we still have empty stores and too many hair and nail salons. Not enough stores that one can really use. We do have a great toy store, but the bookstores disappeared, the bike shop went away, a fish shop closed, and not enough new, interesting stores move in.
Have you been visiting my hometown recently?
We also have lots of beautiful flowers in the parks and in the town while the town center is losing its spirit.

Yen says

Such beautiful red flower:) Mine is posted HERE! Drop by if you got a chance;)

Columbo says

Nice shot of the begonias, one of my favorites. We seem to be getting more and more stores and malls. There are a lot of for rent signs up, but we are lucky for have stores which give you some selection. I wish we would get a Trade Joe's closer or a In-and-Out Burger (California based). Have a great Ruby Tuesday.

Paz says

Lovely red! I'm not much of a shopper. I actually don't like to shop, except for books. ;-)


Mojo says

Not a "small" town really, but my hometown isn't a booming metropolis either. Well under half a million in the city proper. I think I've seen these flowers around here though. In fact I think I have a few shots of them myself.
Nice photo!

Ralph says

The flowers are very nice. It seems that many downtowns are devoid of a shopping experience anymore. Ours (pop. 18,500) is too, but there are still a few unique places to shop or eat. My wheelchair makes the big boxes the easier place to shop. But devoid of character!

Felisol says

Dear Leora,
I do like Begonias. Actually have the garden full of them just now.
Have inherited some from my Mom who got them from my grandmother.
The roots are being dried in the winter. Come spring they can be divided into two or three, just like potatoes.
Fun not having to buy everything also.
Sad about the fish store gone. Who can buy fish on the internet??
I hardly by anything on the net, except for airplane tickets and so on. Like to see, feel and touch what I am buying.
Nice blog. Like visiting you.
From Felisol

DrillerAA says

Nice photo.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
We have a mix here, there are a few stores and coffee shops downtown that people still shop, but the new open mall is the place to be for most shoppers.
Have a great RT.

ellen b says

I for one avoid malls these days. I like the stand along stores more...

Michelle says

It's true..many stores can't compete with the big box stores. My begonias are still in bloom and would have been good for RT..

ettey says

beautiful red flower! ^_~.

Miranda says

Nice flowers, I have red flowers posted too :D

Bobbie in Hawaii says

Pretty begonias, Leora. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Yes, I live in a village with a almost dead core. People do love malls!

mother in israel says

We have the small store problem here too, but I imagine less so than in other Israeli towns. Our center is still busy.

Leora says

Thanks all for writing. So far, Felisol (#7) wins with her comment:
"Who can buy fish on the internet?"

Kerslyn says

that reminds me of my old grandma's plant that looks like that in our small hometown. Happy Tuesday!

Tink *~*~* says

I love begonias - there are so many different varieties, and the colors can often be startling. I gave you a shout-out on my most recent blog post!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Jim says

Hi Leora, those are pretty flowers. Around here (Southeast Texas) the little stores are have somewhat of a comeback as people don't want to drive very far to the shopping centers.
The price of gas, you know. :-)
I really like your water color, you had fun doing that I am thinking. Congratulations on having it presented on another blog as well.

Dianne says

Same thing is happening here. And while people say they want the small businesses they do little to support them which makes me crazy. They want them to stay open yet they flock to Wally World.

Beautiful photo.

Carletta says

It seems wherever you go the small stores are hit by the chain name stores and just can't compete. I so loved the steets of a downtown when I was young. There really was nothing like 'going to town' on Saturday. The malls to me tend to cater to a younger crowd with the kind of stores inside.
Your begonias are very nice!

Livio says

Nice shot

Linda says

My little rural town has never had big businesses. Very nice flowers.

Ivon says

I like flowers. You can never go wrong taking flower pictures.

Ladynred says

Beautiful Begonias indeed!

Vicki says

The red really pops against the green and black. Nice contrast there. And yes, downtown ain't what it used to be.


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