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Sky Watch Assortment

Thank you to R&J for giving me the courage to post this tilted photo. It’s the New York State side of the Delaware River, taken on our recent canoe trip.

I took this one in the Walmart parking lot in Milford, Pennsylvania at 5:30 a.m. I was buying milk so my kids could have milk and cereal. They sell a lot at this Walmart, include fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and dairy products, but no freshly-brewed coffee. Sounded like the cashiers would have appreciated coffee, too.

In order to represent three U.S. states in this post, here’s one I took in my backyard in Highland Park, New Jersey. I think it looks a bit like Central America and the Gulf of Mexico.

Klaus says

A 3 state meeting! Cool! A truly good assortment for Skywatch! Well done!
Cheers, Klaus

Ilana-Davita says

I love the one in the middle. Thanks for this little trip around 3 states.

Nova says

it is worth it that you have posted a marvelous photo. as it is really lovely to see it with the sky…

check out mine here:HERE

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

The tilted photo is very "arty." You should pretend you did it on purpose. ;-) I see you enjoy seeing pictures in the clouds. Happy Sky Watch!

Leora says

But EGWow!, I did do it on purpose. Thanks for telling me it's arty, that helps boost my confidence!

Photo Cache says

Nice shots. Love the first one, the blue is so magnificent.

Pretty Life Online says

Perfect catch for sky watch! Clouds fill the skies above us and they are always part of our every day lives... Mine's up too hope you can drop dy!

travelnorms says

I love all your photos especially the second pic, nice color and very impressive..

Brad says

A nice series for swf from three states.

me Ann my camera says

An individual sky for each state. Sounds like fun. Nice pictures.

Mayet says

nice pictures!

Sherry says

These are all three very nice photos. Love the first one especially, and the color in the second photo is beautiful.

Fish Whisperer says

Three states, not bad. I like all three of the images too. Have a wonderful weekend.

Abraham Lincoln says

Nice sky photos. Have a nice weekend.

wren says

Nice storytelling through the photos. The tilt perspective in the first was particularly appropriate when followed by a comment about needing coffee.

Louise says

That second picture is fantastic! I love the colors and the lighting in it.

Tommy V says

nice series of photos for swf

Tink *~*~* says

It's not tilted. It's, um, a photo taken with a unique perspective. Yeah, that's it! Unique perspective! :D

Happy Friday -
Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*


The first shot is my favorite!
Fantastic blue sky!

Have nice weekendk!

Carra says

I love the map photo, it's great, and yes it does look like North America and Gulf of Mexico.

Yrsa says

Light and airy, nice blue skies!


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