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Today’s Flowers: A Rose

I took this photo last month while waiting for my son’s bus to arrive. We were in the parking lot of a girls’ high school, and my husband (he can be a bit of a joker) was asking my six-year-old what she thought of the school. It is down the street from the high school that my son is now attending. It is nice that someone at the school cares enough to have pretty flowers in front!

Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz, for featuring flower followers who share photos in a fun fashion.

Paz says

It IS nice that someone grew these beautiful flowers near the school. I, too, recently took some photos of roses in a school yard and I thought it was nice that it was there.


Luiz Ramos says

Always beautiful Roses.
Thanks for share it.

Darlene says

The pink flowers in the back make the red rose stand out more. Thanks for sharing.

hihorosie says

Beautiful! Looks like it's made of velvet.

Abraham Lincoln says

It is very nice. Looks like one of the best I have seen today.

I have mine up at Canon Pixels. I hope you can see it if you have the time.

Sherry says

It is very nice that someone took such care to have a beautiful flower bed near the street. The rose is gorgeous, and the bright pink flowers make such a nice background for it.

ShutterHappyJenn says

Wow! The red rose stood out! Wonderful macro shot!

My flower for today is posted here. Please take a look if you have time. Have a great week ahead!

Christine says

Oh very nice; I love how the red stands out with the pink in the background!

Louise says

So pretty. I like that you shot it with the pink flowers in the background.

Denise says

Hi, Leora
Good work and congratulations on post. I thank you for sharing.
hugs, Denise

Dulce says

I can't also resist to a rose!!! This one's beautiful!

Janet says

oh I can just smell it! Beautiful!

Kate says

I was just in New Jersey visiting friends! Love these flowers. A beautiful rose and some petunias. Thanks for sharing!

dot says

Beautiful shot of the rose! It really stands out.

Pat says

Very lovely rose. I, too, think it's nice to have flowers around the school.

April says

Such a nice gesture on the part of someone who wants the school to look like a friendly place and not an institution. Beautiful picture of the red rose with the pink flowers in the background - I like that colour combination.

judi says

nice roses!

Michelle says

That is a beautiful rose Leora...

Carletta says

One single sensation!
I also like the pink flowers behind the rose. Their dark centers seem to pick up the red in the rose.
The rose appears very healthy - someone takes a lot of care.

Norm says

nice capture of the beautiful red rose and also the pink flowers behind the rose very pretty...

Krisu says

How wonderful capture! There she is: The red beauty queen herself.

Sara Chapman says

Really nice shot. The redness, the amazing quality of the flower, shows well. You are right about liking that the school has a garden with flowers. Very important!

Ilana-Davita says

I agree with you, beautiful environments matter. Nice photo of the rose too.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: What a neat view of the Rose with the other flowers in the background.

Yen says

Such a beautiful red! Love how you capture that one! My first time to join with this Meme! I hope you can drop by! Mine is here. Happy TF!~

nonizamboni says

So lovely in its simplicity--and what a color!
Thanks for sharing the beauty in unsuspected places.

G_mirage says

The only red (and thorned) among them...beautiful!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Yes, planting flowers outside a school can make it feel more friendling and inviting, less like a "factory." ;-)

Tommy V says

nice red color on the rose

Maria says

I like your rose very much! Its a lovely composition!
Have a nice week!

MumbaiiteAnu says

Beautiful red rose.
Thank you for visiting Anus Photoblog

Luiz Santilli Jr. says

Marvelous your flowers in TODAY'S FLOWERS"

Thanks for post here!



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