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A Funny Haveil Havalim

Enjoy a bearded lady and supermarket mouse at Benji’s What War Zone who presents Haveil Havalim #188, the blog carnival with the best of the Jewish and Israeli Blogosphere.

About the photo: I couldn’t find funny, so you will have to settle for weird. The blurry photo of my marigolds (orange and yellow) and zinnia (pink) was taken as part of last week’s Thematic Photographic theme of blur.

Robin says

Cool photograph, in a room-spinning sort of way. I love the bright springy colors - a definite pick-me-up on a cloudy fall day.

Michelle says

Nice....I am fooling around in PSE....

Leora says

Glad you both had something nice to say about this "image"'s one of those, do I dare post this? The weekly HH blog carnival post seems like a good place for those pics.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice effect!

Lorri says

I like your photo, a touch of Monet. :)

I'll go check out the blogs, now.

Leora says

Lorri, Monet was my favorite painter as a child! Nice to get a comment like that on a photo I found a bit silly. Blogging helps one take little artsy risks.


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