Kosher Cooking Carnival #35

Delicious Salads at Mabat Steak House in Teaneck NJ, a steak house for the wealthy
Delicious salads at Mabat Steak House in Teaneck NJ, a steak house for the wealthy

Batya has cooked up a delicious post-shemitta kosher cooking carnival.

More about the restaurant: and we didn’t even order the steak, and the prices were still astronomical. $18 for a hamburger that included an Israeli salad that my kids had no interest in eating. How much tomatoes/cucumbers can one mother eat?

6 thoughts on “Kosher Cooking Carnival #35

  • It was delicious food. I ordered a whole array of salads. But the bill gave my husband a bit of stomach ache. We went there in August; I don’t think we’ll be returning to that one, certainly not with children, anyway.

  • My family went out to eat last night and we came to the conclusion that the price doesn’t mean it’s the best. In other words the steak that cost the most wasn’t better than the burger that cost less.

    But your kids couldn’t pick a different side dish instead of the salad? Also, a great new thing I tasted, was a pastrami burger, where they put hot pastrami on the burger and then put it in a bun, also comes with pickles and onions in it and other stuff if you want.

    Also, if you couldn’t eat all the salad that they didn’t want, then you could always pack it up to go and have it for another day, no?

  • Babysitter, salads don’t last. In any case, the food was delicious, but it was very, very pricey. I really didn’t need a refrigerator full of cut up tomatoes and cucumbers. My kids really wanted Chinese, but we couldn’t find the Kosher Chinese restaurant in Teaneck. Now my son knows where it is, next time we’ll go there.

    Thanks for taking a peek at this post; most people skipped over this one! Maybe I shoulda given it a snazzier name.

  • Leora: o, right I didn’t think of that aspect, that salads won’t stay fresh long. I love going to Chinese resturants too, I always say that if we are going out to eat then it should be at a place where they serve something that you can’t make at home, cause then it’s special. If it’s regular American food like hot dogs and hamburgers then you can make that yourself. I remember one good Chinese restaurant when we went to Philadelphia, it was in cherry hill in NJ, I’m not sure if that’s far from Teaneck or not, it was called Dragon Inn.

    Your welcome, most people would skip over it because your posting about a carnival, so they don’t realize that you put in your own thing to say too, they just look at it as a way of informing them about the carnival.

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