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Sky Watch: From My Porch

I took these two photos last Friday afternoon, right before sunset. They were both taken from the same corner of my porch that I took many of my previous SkyWatch photos.

sky from porch
The second one was taken about ten minutes after the first.

For more Skywatch participants, please visit:

Sky Watch Friday

Ilana-Davita says

Amazing how quickly the sky changes at this time of year. I like the pink hues on the clouds in the second one. You seem to have great trees in your neighborhood.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

I like the idea of taking the same shot ten minutes apart to show the differences. Nice!

Photo Cache says

That's one the best times to skywatch. Beautiful skies over you.

The Rocky Mountain Retreat says

It's the perfect kind of sky... not too cloudy and not completely clear... it has a little bit of both! Not boring at all! Great photos!! =)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

Raizy says

I guess there ARE some advantages to living in New Jersey ( ;

Musings says

LOVE your clouds! They are absolutely gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: I liked the neat clouds you have shown in the blue sky.

Louis la Vache says

From the Perch of your Porch, you've given us some Perfectly fine Sky Watch images, Leora!

Bobbie in Hawaii says

Lovely, Leora. I like taking a series of photos minutes apart, too.

Carletta says

Gorgeous skies!
I like the feeling these kind of clouds give before the day ends.

Louis la Vache says

Leora, the Blue Angels are a Navy aeronautical acrobatics team that was founded in 1946. They currently fly F/A 18 Hornet jets. The Navy has had a Hornet in one form or another since the late 1700s.

magiceye says

so peaceful....

Louise says

I love the subtle color change in the second one. Both are lovely.

nonizamboni says

I could just smell the freshness and peace in this photo! thanks for sharing the beauty.

G_mirage says

Seems we got the same ideas for this skywatch! Lovely images!!! Have a nice weekend!

torsdag says

Beautiful and peacfil sky over your home place.
Have a nice weekend
Hallo from Germany

Sara Chapman says

Beautiful, luminous skies. Just lovely, thanks for posting. Come see my rainbow for SWF if you have a chance.

maryt/theteach says

Just lovely skies, Leora! You can post Ruby Tuesday any day of the week! :)

Michelle says

It's nice to see some friendly blue skies...gray this way..

Arija says

The second one just starting to colour up is a darling.


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