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Sky Watch in Highland Park

North Fifth Avenue Highland Park, New Jersey
I took these photos yesterday in various spots around our little borough of Highland Park, New Jersey. The above photo is looking down North Fifth Avenue.

This one was taken outside the supermarket. Hard to believe we had snow here on Tuesday.

flag outside Highland Park Public Library
The flag is flying high above the Highland Park Public Library.

For more Skywatch participants, please visit:

Sky Watch Friday

Ilana-Davita says

A lovely selection; autumn is decidedly progressing with more and more rusty leaves.

Louise says

You got some really nice colors here! SNOW? Yes, it's hard to believe with all those colorful leaves.

Mrs. S. says

Nice pictures.
As you may have guessed, I enjoyed the first one in particular. :-)

Marit says

Higland Park and its fabulous sky. In my home town we haven't had snow yet, and that is unusual for this time of the year. Rembember, I live in typical winter-wonderland ;-)


East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Sorry about the snow but really glad there's no evidence now. ;-)

Photo Cache says

A lovely collection. I love the last photo with the flag the best.

Arija says

I love being out in the woods so I also loved seeing you pics.

The Rocky Mountain Retreat says

Wonderful series... all of them quite enjoyable to view! =)
Mountain Retreat- Canada

Reluctantfarmchik says

Wow -I can almost feel the wind blowing in your first shot. It seems unreal that you might have had snow with such clear skies and beautiful fall colors! But we had flurries the other morning too. Hopefully it will warm up over the weekend.

Chris says

Beautiful series with interesting clouds!

PJ says

I saw the snow on the news. It doesn't look like stormy weather from where I'm sitting!

Pensacola Daily Photo

Paz says

Awesome photos. Yes, it IS hard to believe you had snow. Glad it didn't last too long. ;-)


Fishing Guy says

Leora: How I love your shot up the flag pols, very neat.

Ruth says

Lovely clouds. Your tree colour change is about where ours was a month ago. We are heading into barren November here.

babooshka says

Lovely subtle autumn hues and there is something very poewerful about a flag against the sky.

Carletta says

These are great images Leora!
The crisp blue skies of the last two are gorgeous.

torsdag says

Beautful autumn shots, hope you will have some more days like that.

rickismom says

When you wrote on my blog that you took on of the photos for the JPIX carnival, you mean as a regular contribution?

I know I entered something to the pix carnival, but maybe that was the previous one......

magiceye says


Michelle says

I see you had some blue skies too..Have a happy weekend Leora.

G_mirage says

Lovely blue skies...but each of course is beautiful!


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