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Today’s Flowers: Wildflower

wild flower
I photographed this daisy-like wild flower growing near a pond across from Lee Turkey Farm in East Windsor, New Jersey. It was a prolific photography day for me.

Note: Fleabane sounds like a good possibility for what this is (thanks, Louise). I think it is a weed. One commenter thought this might be lawn daisies (didn’t look like the ones in Google images, though) and someone else thought asters (and egWow is convinced these are asters). Hmmm…

Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz, for featuring flower followers who share photos in a fun fashion.

Today's Flowers

Robin says

Very pretty - it looks more like spring than fall.

Carletta says

Simple yet elegant! Nice composition.

gmirage says

They surely grown much to high! I believe those are lawn daisies? Have a nice week!

gmirage says

Re: pelargoniums/geranium : I was a little confused too..I'm going to edit what I put in there... :D

Denise BC says

Hi, Leora
Are delicate and beautiful, but I see that are extremely strong, because in the wild were and still are magnificent. I thank you for sharing.
Denise & Santilli - Today's Flowers Team

Marcos Santos says

Nice photo

Well drawn.


ReaderWil says

Hi Leora, how lovely these wild flowers.
Thank for your visit!

Denise says

This is a beautiful photograph, and I love those flowers.

Christine says

Beautifully photographed. I like these! They all stand together like a happy family.

SandyCarlson says

Those asters are beautiful. I love the way they can make the woods glow!

ShutterHappyJenn says

Wow.. that is so pretty!

My flower is posted here. Please drop by if you have the time. Thanks!

Fishing Guy says

Leora: I've tried to capture the essence of these little flowers several times and was never satisfied. You did a wonderful job.

Dot says

Whatever they are, they are very pretty!

Darlene says

Lovely little flowers. Great shot.

Connie says

Very pretty. They look kind of like the ones I put on my blog. I found them growing wild too.

Michelle says

What beautiful and delicate looking flowers...

Luiz Santilli Jr. says

I loved these wild flowers!
Marvelous and delicate flowers!

Thanks for taking part in TODAY'S FLOWERS!

Luiz & Denise - TF Team

MumbaiiteAnu says

Very pretty wild flowers. I could never take such a cool shot of wild flowers near my building.

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lawstude says

my girlfriend will definitely love this. i will invite her to see this and spray perfume all around the room to have the blossom effect. lols. great post. i truly enjoyed it.

Krisu says

Those wildflowers are soooo pretty! Nice shot. :)

Louise says

I'm way behind on blog visiting, so going to address several here. First, this picture is quite pretty. I believe these (as many white flowers) are difficult to capture. Yours are nice. My guess is "fleabane daisies." Just a guess, though. Many of those daisy/aster things look quite similar.

Older posts:
-Loved your SWF shot! Lovely colors.
-That bean salad looks delicious, and I may try it one day.
-Forgiveness. It IS hard, and you did all you can do. But I will say that although it is kind of you to ask forgiveness from the blogosphere, from when I've been here, I can't imagine why anyone would ever be offended. If they have been, I will say that sometimes people looks for reasons to be offended. Your blog is beautiful. Now the temper with the 6-year-old... I understand! And I've asked my 6-year-old daughter for forgiveness on more than one occasion!

Maria says

These wildflowers are very beautiful. They remind me of asters, but paler!

nonizamboni says

I'm very fond of these little flowers and they do grow wild here too so, I guess they could be classified weeds. I'm thinking that they should be elevated to asters. Thanks for sharing at any rate!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Beautiful asters. Not sure exactly which kind of aster, but they ARE asters. ;-)

judi~gmj says

Wild flowers are my favorites. these are stunning.

Mindy says

Beautiful! Agree with other photographers here.

Dulce says

Wild and delicate! Such a great shot!!

Gemma says

There is always an extra sense of vibrancy in wildflowers! And your pic reflects just that! beautiful!


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