What Do You See?

the funhouse
My daughter and I worked together on this drawing last night. She nicknamed it “the fun house”. So, what do you see? (click to enlarge)

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17 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  • I’m dating myself, but the first thing I thought of is that the “clown’s” eyes look like two rotary telephones!

    I like the girl in the prairie-style dress in the bottom right, too.

    Fun project, and even nicer that you did it together.

  • Before I even read the post, as the page came up, I thought of Purim. I guess that fits in with the drash that Yom Kippur is a yom k’Purim.

  • I see a pretty and very happy picture. I hope you save it. It brings back memories of my mother and I. When I was about 7 or 8, she bought a book for me that had poems which had spaces for illustrations and we worked on the pictures together. It was lost somewhere along the way and I’d give anything to see it again.

  • Gail, thanks for saying that. For some reason I was in a lousy mood yesterday, and I just got the urge to doodle. My daughter wanted to doodle, too. Maybe some day my daughter and I can do poems together, too, when she finds written language easier.

    Lorri, that’s sweet.
    Vicki, it was nice.
    Risa, well, I like to have a little Purim fun throughout the year.
    Robin, thanks for noticing the girl in the prairie dress!
    G-mirage, thank for your son for me.
    N-APAD, yeah, looking again, I see the butterflies, too!
    ID, it was a fun creation. My daughter enjoyed the process with me.

  • Leora: I see a big clown face as the central theme with several children faces to the left. I do see the girk with the fancy dress at the bottom with the little fish above her left arm.

    I feel a lot of music and doors to go through just like I remember in a fun house. It is so colorful.

  • wow, really cool, that looks amazing!

    I see a face in there in the middle.
    I thought the eyes look like those dial telephones too

    from a distance, without thinking about the details, it looks like it’s perfect that it’s meant to be that exact way, it’s pretty and colorful!

  • What a wonderful collaboration!
    My mother gave me the love of art I have to this day. She would show me semi-abstract paintings she did and when I asked what it was she’d reply, “What do you see?” This became a great game and really made my imagination grow.
    You are giving your daughter a great gift…
    By the way, I see a face and several small faces. Fun!

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