100 20 7 14 3

In an effort to get up a post about the Torah portion of the week, Chayei Sarah (which literally means the Life of Sarah) before Shabbat, I am just showing you these numbers:

100 20 7 14 3

Why am I showing you these numbers? Anyone is free to answer. I’ll write the full post early next week. Your comments will help write the post.

Read the parsha online here.

Hint: think women.

Explanation on 7 and 14 is on this post.

9 thoughts on “100 20 7 14 3

  • I remember learning about the first 3 too, like what Raizy said. And that each can be broken down, about being beutiful, free of sin, and one more.

    3 I’m guessing are the 3 things that went away, the challah staying fresh, the cloud over the tent, and the shabbos candles.

    Also, I heard another thing for 127, that it could be the 127 medinos that Esther was going to rule over in the future by the purim story. That she had the zechus, because of Sara. Or something like that.

    The 14 part I can’t figure out.

  • Jewish Side, thanks for giving me all these new ideas! I had other ideas for the 3 and 14. Hint: think later in the parsha, beyond Sarah. A different woman (or perhaps I should say “girl”?).

  • Your welcome.
    Ok, so now I’m thinking about Rivka being 3 years old when marrying yitzchak. (I was actually thinking about that before I read your hint)

    Now 14…that’s the amount of years that yaakov worked for Lavan to get Rochel? because he didn’t learn those years or something.

  • Jewish Side, that’s not what I had in mind for 14, but that does show up in a future parsha.

    Hint: it goes with the 3
    And also, I have no source for the 14, just something my son said last night. Maybe by Sunday I’ll have a source? I like this parsha method, we can learn more over Shabbat and then come back and assemble the ideas early next week.

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