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A Study of a Girl

study of a girl
I did this with ink pens, and then for the color I applied watercolor paints. It is a study for a painting that I’ve started. It may take me months to finish. I’m in no rush.

Ilana-Davita says

Could you explain to the barbarians, like myself, how useful a study is? Do you make only one?

Leora says

Barbarians??? Nah.

No rules. I do studies to help me get to know my subject matter better. In this case, it helps with composition, color, light and value.

Sometimes I like the studies better than the "finished" product. Because they have movement and spontaneity.

Robin says

I like the composition you've developed here, the girl's relaxed pose vs the feeling of space and movement on the left side of the painting, the way she draws your eye to all sections of the canvas.

I look forward to seeing the finished piece, whenever that may be.

Garry says

You have drawn a very good picture here. I especially like the movement and the directionality of the lines.

I like you site. If only mine were as cool.

Lorri says

I can't wait to see the finished painting (not rushing you). This is a beautiful study. I like the mood you reflect, love the position of her hands, and love the lacy sock.

Leora says

Lorri, you can see the lacy sock? I love that detail, too. Thanks.

Jientje says

You're so talented Leora! I love this!

The Jewish Side says

I've never known about studies before. Seems like more hard work goes into paintings then I would half thought.

I also noticed the lacy sock.

and are those supposed to be steps, behind her?

and it's amazing what you can do with a little creativity and ink.

Jill says

This is a beautiful study.

Leora says

Jill, thanks. I started working on this, didn't like the composition I started (I made it bigger), and I should really go back and try again. Hard to re-start. Thanks for looking.


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