Daughter and I

Leora and daughter princess outfit
I was in the mood to post a cheery photo, and here’s a great one of the daughter and me. I don’t recall who took the photo; it was a year and a half ago on Purim, a holiday where kids get dressed up, and my daughter was dressed as a Prima Ballerina. It was taken at our synagogue, Congregation Etz Ahaim of Highland Park, New Jersey.

I made this sepia in Photoshop by desaturating the photo and then moving the color sliders to increase the yellow and magenta.

29 thoughts on “Daughter and I

  • What a pretty picture. Happy shots are always nice and just lift us up. Sometime when I’ve run out of words for my blog, a happy shot gets me going again.

  • This is beautiful, and cheery. And I needed a cheery photo today!

    I’m glad to see a picture of you. Maybe there is one on here somewhere, but I have not seen one except you as a child. Your blog layout is similar to another I follow, so I picture her in my head when I think of you, but I knew there was no similarity!

    Thank you for posting this. You’re both beautiful!

  • That’s a lovely picture of you and your daughter.
    It makes me feel jealous, because I don’t have any nice pictures of myself with my children. I am the least photogenic person ever. I look horrible in pictures, and so I rarely agree to pose for one. I have one picture of myself with my son, one picture with my older daughter, and none at all with my younger daughter. If I dropped dead today my kids would never remember what I looked like.

  • Nice to meet you Leora.
    Lovely photo of you and your daughter who looks more than happy to be all dressed up and getting her picture taken.
    The image certainly has that older feel to it even though it was recent.

  • Leora: Your daughter looks adorable in this picture!
    and you look great too!

    Raizy: Oysh, you have got to take pictures with your children! For them it doesn’t matter how you come out, because your their mother so they recognize you as their mother, they won’t be looking at the details if you came out good or not. Which I’m sure you would come out good anyways!

  • Leora, that is a beautiful picture of the two of you!
    Raizy, I am exactly the same way–I hate being photographed and have made the same joke about my children and grandchildren not knowing what I looked like. But I think I’m relaxing about that as I get older. Not that I think I look better–it’s just resignation….


  • Oh my this is wonderful. If it were mine I think I would make a print of this and frame it. It is so lovely and the sepia tones truly make it even more fabulous.

    And I too really needed to have a cheery picture today. Perhaps that is why I am late in visiting so that you could cheer me up.

    You are both beautiful and the picture is fantastic!!:-)))

  • What a precious photo, Leora! I love the sepia tones, giving this a classic feel.

    I hate being photographed, but the downside is, I’m the one always taking the photos. There aren’t many of me with my children, when they were younger, as I was busy being the photographer.

  • B”H

    Nice pic of you and your daughter (down in the kiddush room near the “bar”) — BTW, sorry to correct your grammar — it’s “…a great one of the daughter and I” — it should be “…a great one of the daughter and me.”


  • Debbie, the great thing about blogs is one can correct the grammar (and other points) after a reader points out an error. It’s editing on the go. Thank you.

  • Debbie, you’re funny, I’m also always noticing those points of grammar, even tho I too make many of those errors!!

    Raizy and Baila, please please start being in pictures – my most precious moments now that my parents are gone is sitting and looking through old photos – and even the bad ones are good!! My Dad made a huge valiant effort to create a video of his life – but what I really didn’t like was when he edited it, because he took out moments that were truly them (he edited out moments when my mother disagreed with something and oh how I wish he’d left them in – it was so natural and so reminiscent of how they were).

    my kids see some of photos of me when I was their age and they can’t believe it!!!!

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