Flags on Raritan Avenue

American flag on Raritan Avenue
American flags were flying high today in honor of Veterans Day on Raritan Avenue, the main street (also known as Route 27) that runs through the center of Highland Park.

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  • I wished to write about the American soldiers who fought in our region but had too little time to drive to the military cemeteries. The only cemeteries in the town are French and German.

  • And I missed the little parade in our humble borough that was at 11 am. I took this photo on my way to the supermarket (I actually had people asking me what I was photographing) and decided not to save it for another post but to put it up today, while it’s still Veterans Day.

    My kids had school today; my daughter did not learn about Veterans Day in school.

  • Nice picture.

    my daughter did not learn about Veterans Day in school.
    I’m trying to remember if I ever learned about Veterans Day in school when I was child…

  • I was visiting the States last year around Veteran’s Day and was delighted with the programs on TV making it very inspirational. But agree, for the most part, it’s an excuse in America for having another sale. I enjoy patriotism. Yesterday in Israel we had local elections – it was wonderful seeing all the people around the polling stations. There’s a special feel when lots of people come together.

  • It’s not really about sales in Highland Park. Everyone who had a flag was flying their flag in front of their homes, and there was a small parade, not a big one like on Memorial Day. But in my kids’ Jewish Day School my daughter didn’t learn anything about it. She learns plenty about Thanksgiving, which is more of a kid-friendly holiday, anyway. I think that’s really the difference; should first graders be learning about wars? I think they can skip that for a few years.

  • I stand in great shame – it was Memorial Day!! – either I’m losing memory in my “old age” or losing Americana – but about kids and war – what do they learn about Chanukah, and who are their “heroes”? Another good blog would be protecting kids from??? I remember when mine were young and that teacher was killed going up in a rocketship – and how my husband wanted to protect her from that. Israeli kids are not protected from alot of horrible things – it’s sad.

  • Klara, they do learn about Yom Yazikaron (Israeli Memorial Day), but not in first grade. On Sept. 11, my son was in nursery. All he knew was some towers had fallen. He had no notion why his teachers were so upset. Teaching needs to be age appropriate.

    My comment was also to say that their Jewish Day School does teach about American holidays, such as Election Day and Thanksgiving. Some yeshivos do not.

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