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Girl Bride Watercolor


This is the watercolor I painted for a post on the age of Rivka. I decided in order to paint I need 1) my children to be out of the house (OK if eldest is home) and 2) not a lot of time. If I have a lot of time, I will fritter it away, checking blogs, doing laundry, running errands, catching up on whatever household stuff I couldn’t get to when I had too much work on my plate.

You will notice the paper is rather rough; it’s fun to experiment with different types of paper. Also, because much of a bride is white, I had to concentrate on the negative space, the parts of the composition that were not bridal veil, dress or flowers.

“Not painting because it’s too much fun is like not going outside on a pretty day because the weather is too nice.” – Sh, a dear friend

phyllis says

you're so talented! this is beautiful.

therapydoc says

I love the effect of the paper. Is it rice?

Leora says

Therapydoc, it is some scrap of watercolor paper that I had for a while, very bumpy and textured. Not rice.

Thanks, Phyllis!

Raizy says

Oh, I like that one. The delicate colors and faded look evoke the fragility of the too-young bride.

frumhouse says


Anil says

Understated, hence delicate. The paper gives it much character. Lovely.

Robin says

She's beautiful. I'm utterly hopeless with a paintbrush so it's fascinating to hear you explain how it all comes together.

Ilana-Davita says

I find it very delicate too. And I am like Robin hopeless with paints and brushes.

Michelle says

That is beautiful and the texture is really interesting...

The Jewish Side says

I haven't even thought that you had to paint everything else besides for the white stuff, that makes it hard to focus on the negative space.

Great Job, it's beautiful!

and the paper looks like it's bumpy paper, but then I see you were able to sign it smoothly.


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