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Haveil Havalim with Watercolor

Westbankmama has posted a lovely Mama Rachel edition of Haveil Havalim. In this weekly blog carnival of the Best of the Jewish Blogosphere she linked to my post on Hospitality, which has the watercolor at the bottom of this post.

In the middle of the blog carnival, there is a lovely watercolor by an artist blogger named Carol Feldman. What a special treat! Thank you, Westbankmama, for hosting.

tent with pitcher

Jack says

I like the tent, that is very cool.

Leora says

Thanks, Jack. I figure I can use it for most of Breishit, in one form or another. Maybe I'll draw some pyramids for Exodus? We'll see.

lawstude says

congratulations. your post on hospitality is really, really good. my sister love the flower on the previous post. great job.

sheva says

I love this it is such a nice little painting, and i love to camp!

2sweetnsaxy says

I really like that. It reminds me of me only instead of the tea pot it would be a coffee pot. :-)


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