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Is this How Sarah Felt?

Linking Vaera to Chayei Sarah

In an effort to link last week’s parsha of Vaera to this week’s of Chaya Sarah (the Life of Sarah), I put together this “collage” of a tent with a famous painting by Edvard Munch:

screaming Sarah

Rashi wonders what is the connection between the Akeida, the Sacrifice of Isaac, at the end of Vaera, with Chayei Sarah, the telling of Sarah’s death at the beginning of this week’s parsha? Sarah, who had waited so many years to have her first and only child, has just learned that her husband is about to sacrifice him. Unfortunately, she doesn’t learn the angel has stopped Abraham, and she dies of grief.

So is this perhaps how she felt?

 See also 100 20 7 14 3 for more on parshat Chayei Sarah.

Ilana-Davita says

This an original means of linking the two parshiot. I like your Sarah and the way you've shown her anguish.

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, thanks. I'm trying to use my artistic skills to illustrate my parsha posts. I was thinking of The Scream when I read that Rashi.

Lorri says

I really like your artistic analogy...and it really shows so much emotion.

The Jewish Side says

I recognize that painting, the famous scream or something.

Great job drawing it and blending them together!

I would think that's how she felt too.

Now reading the I guessed right. and I also learned this connection in school, I think it's a popular one.

Harry says

My brother, a Yeshiva middle school teacher/rabbi, once offered me a different take on the juxtaposition of the two parshiot.
As he put it (and I'll summarize), a parent's greatest desire is to see their child reach full maturity and begin to achieve his/her potential. When they see or hear that the child has accomplished such a task, their major life goals have been met.
So Sarah passed away because, with Yitzhak's completion of the Akeidah test, her mission in life was complete.

Leora says

Harry, that fits in well with what I am trying to put together about Sarah's life being 100 + 20 + 7 = 127. But I can't think of a visual depiction for that scene. The Scream wouldn't work at all, in that case. Maybe just a peaceful sunset.

Juggling Frogs says

*Love* the painting, Leora!

Shabbat Shalom!

Leora says

Juggling Frogs, thanks for the encouragement. I just finished a quick watercolor for my Rivka post, scheduled for viewing on Saturday night...


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