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More Foliage

bit of red house
My neighbors had their house painted red recently, an appealing color next to the foliage in their backyard. The blue garage, white umbrella and deck belong to the neighbors further down.

dogwood red
The leaves of their dogwood tree, that I photographed last spring, looks so pretty with its red autumn hues.

dogwood leaves

Wednesday seems like a good day to put up a post for Ruby Tuesday!

ruby tuesday

Patti says

Gorgeous fall foliage photos, Leora. I have taken so many foliage shots this season, thanks to blogging.

Happy Ruby Tuesday on Wednesday!

felisol says

I am totally onto foliage admiring this autumn.
There are still some leaves left in my garden. The fewer, the better one sees them, eh?
I think your birthday cake also would make a tasty Ruby anyday.
Hope you had a nice celebration.
From Felisol

Ilana-Davita says

Lovely photos! Red leaves look great and somehow seem to last longer; or is it just my imagination?

The Jewish Side says

I love that first picture. Really cool how you got everything in there.

I thought the pretty leaves would be gone by now cause it's almost winter time.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: What a neatlook at your changing trees. We are so fay ahead of this shot with all the leaves gone. Happy Birthday, i hope you have a fun day.

maryt/theteach says

Leora, Our leaves are pretty much finished, Leora! I see fishing guy wished you "Happy Birthday." Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You can put up a Ruby Tuesday post any day of the week! :)

Risa says

HI, I've said this before but every time I see pictures of autumn in NY/NJ I get homesick. Luckily winter comes and I get over it ;)

Leora says

I checked this morning, and the dogwood no longer has any leaves at all.

Thanks, everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed these pics! One day one might show up in a painting.

G_mirage says

Red Autumn leaves are always beautiful sight!

The Jewish Side says

Leora: that would be cool if one day it appeared in a painting!

Robin says

I've always loved dogwoods. Such pretty trees.


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